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Season Zero, Episode 2
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Air date October 22nd,  2015
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A Bro's Tale is the second episode of Carmilla's Season Zero. It aired October 22nd, 2015.

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Ever the lazy investigator, Carmilla tries to pin the blame on either Perry or Mel. Kirsch, trapped underneath them, gives his side of the story.

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Immediately following Carmilla's demands, as covered in the last episode, Perry informs Carmilla that she can't just go and have one of them become a "fall-guy", noting that if she does and it is revealed that someone else is behind the incident at the Zeta party, Carmilla will look bad. Carmilla displays visible frustration, noting that until the mystery is solved, she cannot do anything else as per the Dean's orders.

Carmilla opens the laptop she'd brought into the room with her, which connects to another room where Kirsch is being held. Carmilla orders him to explain "what happened", leading Kirsch to explain that one of the Zetas was following Mel around, prompting her to interject that the constant hounding was freaking her out, and as a result, she was attempting to get away from him. After being repeatedly called "hottie", Carmilla shuts the laptop and cuts Kirsch out of the investigation, also interrupting his explanation. Perry declares that their current situation could actually be an adventure for them, attempting to solve the truth behind the ongoing events. Carmilla agrees to the proposal and then declares that should they fail, she will start breaking fingers.

In the present day, Laura is seen shocked as the clip ends and the feed transitions to the current time. Laura turns around and confronts Carmilla over her previous denial of not seeing the room shown in the video before, with the vampire stating she indeed did know of and see the room. Laura decides to continue watching the tapes, with Carmilla warning her that she won't like the ending. Laura declares her intent to go through with watching the tapes, simultaneously wondering if Carmilla really did break Perry's fingers. Carmilla turns to her, silently implies that she did, and listens to Laura, who questions her decisions to lock up and interrogate students, before hypothesizing that the end involves a "chicken demon". Carmilla again points out that she won't like what she'll discover, and then reluctantly plays the tape.

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Carmilla Season Zero Episode 2 "A Bro's Tale”

Carmilla Season Zero Episode 2 "A Bro's Tale”