A Visit From the Dean
Ep11 1
Season One, Episode 11
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Air date September 4th, 2014
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"A Visit From The Dean" is the 11th episode of Carmilla. It aired on September 4, 2014.


Laura starts to understand Carmilla, albeit briefly, before Danny arrives to continue the investigation. 


Ep11 7

They are maybe, too happy about Carmilla's misfortune.

Laura and LaFontaine eagerly listen as The Dean reprimands Carmilla out in the hallway. Perry displays much less amusement at Carmilla being reamed out by The Dean, while Laura states that Carmilla deserves it for her actions in hijacking a missing student's wardrobe and generally making a nuisance of herself. 

Ep11 2

This isn't awkward...

Carmilla, visibly upset, enters the room, and the silence that follows causes Perry to leave, LaFontaine in tow. Laura asks if Carmilla wants to talk, Carmilla declines. Laura begins to sympathize with Carmilla, stating that something must have upset The Dean, and that she understands the pressure that comes with not being able to live up to the expectations of others. Danny enters the room shortly afterwards with new information.

Ep11 3

Carmilla and Laura...not fighting?

The Alchemy Department had been using dander, acquired at the parties, to seed a fungus network throughout the campus for an experiment regarding communications.
Ep11 4

I've returned from the Alchemy Club victorious.

Carmilla immediately leaves the room, to Danny's general indifference. Laura encourages her to take it easy on her, citing that Carmilla has had a few issues from earlier, before going back to the current task. Various photos Danny acquired from the parties are linked to the issue at hand somehow.
Ep11 6

Holy crap... Carmilla.

Both of them begin to sort through the photos, hoping there is something that may link them to what is going on, and eventually, they find their evidence in the form of a photo of Elsie, a missing member of the Summer Society, hanging out with Carmilla.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Laura mentions Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an English poet and philosopher.  


Perry: Well, as much fun as we've been having, I'm sure LaFontaine and I have a student crisis to attend to somewhere.
LaFontaine: Oh, yeah, totally.

Carmilla: (Throws a book at the wall)
Laura: Did you want to talk about it?
Carmilla: No.

Carmilla: Sorry. I just forgot I had to be anywhere but here.
Danny: (Sarcastically) Oh, that's too bad. No, come back!
Laura: Don't.


Carmilla Episode 11 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 11 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella