Adonis Interrupted
S2Ep11 7
Season Two, Episode 11
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Air date July 7th, 2015
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"Adonis Interrupted" is the eleventh episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on July 7th, 2015.

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A frantic Kirsch hides in Laura & Carmilla's den: the Summer Society is after him since he's a stag in the Adonis Hunt!

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S2Ep11 1

Gotta admit, the DudeBros do know how to make an entrance.

Kirsch frantically runs around the room, looking for a place to hide, eventually diving behind the lounge chair, beginning to explain what happened. Apparently, due to his agreement to assist the Summer Society in their Adonis Festival, he has been dressed up as a stag and is being hunted by the Summers.

S2Ep11 5

Broody McEmoPants, Staggy Shirtless and Normalis Hollstein have a conversation.

Over the course of the hunt, he managed to avoid a variety of traps and natural forest hazards in his quest to make it back to campus, where he acquired a beer to relax. The beer can in question was speared by an arrow and he was forced to continue fleeing, eventually deciding that his best bet was Laura's house.

S2Ep11 8

Look sir, it's The Hunger Games!

Mel bursts into the room, armed with a bow and arrow forcing Kirsch to hide behind the chair while Laura and Carmilla stand in front of both Summer and Zeta. Mel threatens to go through the girls in her quest to bring down Kirsch, causing the latter to stand in the open, refusing to let Carmilla and Laura get hurt on his behalf.

S2Ep11 11

No. Bad Katniss! Bad!

Danny runs into the room, grabbing Mel’s bow and stopping her from firing, with both arguing over Kirsch's fate, eventually ending with Danny calling off the hunt. Mel reluctantly leaves, albeit with a parting threat to Danny.

S2Ep11 12

Artemis and her Stag in Towelly Cloth.

Kirsch, joyful over his survival, thanks Danny, but she preempts the hug he would have given her, citing the antlers he's wearing. She tells him to find some proper clothing, before sending him on his way. Laura, curious over Mel's threat, asks Danny about their meaning, with Danny stating that her actions now mean she is likely ineligible to become the Summer Society president. Laura praises her for protecting Kirsch even though it risked her position with the Summers.

S2Ep11 17

Time for the Silas Look of Terror!

Laura informs Danny about what they learned about the Corvae Corporation and that they found the source for the newspaper’s article on the board. The Voice staff was talking one of the board members, Baron Vordenberg. Carmilla perks up and says she knew a family with the name Vordenberg, reasoning that this Vordenberg could be ancestor. Laura pulls up her computer and shows Danny what else they know about him.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 11 "Adonis Interrupted"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 11 "Adonis Interrupted"