Advanced Interrogation Techniques
Ep19 9
Season One, Episode 19
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Air date October 2nd, 2014
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"Advanced Interrogation Techniques" is the 19th episode of Carmilla. It aired on October 2nd, 2014.


Laura and the gang continue to scratch their heads and figure out how to get info out of Carmilla when Perry inadvertently gives Laura a brilliant, albeit cruel, idea. 


Ep19 1

She's a vampire, but not a kidnapper.

Predictably, Laura and the others do not believe Carmilla's declaration of innocence. Carmilla admits she is a vampire, but that she had no involvement with the kidnappings. Laura presumes she had an accomplice, but Carmilla counters this by pointing out she isn't the kind of person to work with others. The group attempts to find her guilty by way of her being at all the parties where the girls went missing, but she points out she was invited to them.

Ep19 4

Well, what other option do we have? Keeping her here tied up, watching her every second? Starving her until she confesses?

Perry states they cannot keep Carmilla prisoner, as she is convinced Carmilla is merely a delusional woman who thinks she's a vampire. During her ramblings she inadvertently gives the others the idea to starve the information they need out of Carmilla by denying her blood.

Ep19 7

Carmilla! No, no no no!

Nine days pass, with Carmilla still not talking, and as a result, not being fed. Laura attempts to coax the information out of her by way of blood acquired by LaFontaine from the campus hospital, but to no avail. While Laura is answering the door and dealing with covering for Carmilla's absence, the woman in question begins shaking uncontrollably as a result of starvation.

Ep19 8

If you weren't trying to eat me, then what were you trying to - Oh... Oh!

Laura, afraid their only lead will die, gives her blood, hoping that if Carmilla truly is innocent, she will give her a better reason to believe so. Laura points out that Carmilla looked like she wanted to eat her on the night that she was captured, which hurts Carmilla, with Laura realizing that Carmilla was actually flirting with her. Laura attempts to get Carmilla to explain her side of events, and to her surprise, Carmilla begins to recount her story.



Laura: You're a vampire!
Carmilla: Yeah, but not a kidnapper.

LaF: Assuming she's up to something diabolical just because she's-
Laura: An undead fiend from the pits of hell?
Carmilla: I'm from Eastern Europe. Potato, potahto.

Laura: Good morning viewers. And welcome to day nine of stupid, obstinate vampire roommate won't talk.

Laura: 'Cause the night that we caught you, it sure looked like you were about to eat me.
Carmilla: Wait, you thought that was me trying to eat you?
Laura: Well, if you weren't trying to eat me what were you trying to - Oh...Oh!


Carmilla Episode 19 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 19 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella