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Season One, Episode 22
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Air date October 14th, 2014
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"Afterbite" is the 22nd episode of Carmilla. It aired on October 14th, 2014.


Laura tries to talk herself down after being bitten when Carmilla comes back from wherever the heck she ran off to and reveals some important info.


Ep22 1

Laura has a spatula and she is not afraid to use it.

Laura, after an initial moment of panic, calms down, utilizing a towel in order to clean the blood from her neck, taking comfort in the fact she is still alive. She immediately freaks out realizing her father will have less than positive reactions to the ongoing events once he finds out. Carmilla shows up and accidentally frightens Laura, who demands answers from the vampire.

Ep22 2

I'm a vampire and I'm pissed off, what were you expecting?!

Carmilla begins throwing her possessions in a bag, not paying much attention to her. Laura demands to know exactly why she was bitten, and Carmilla states she needed the strength her blood gave in order to catch Will before he reached The Dean, although she failed in her task. Carmilla reveals the reason she is packing is in order to escape The Dean's ensuing anger over her actions.

Ep22 3

Terrific! See if you can scrape all your hair out of the shower drain while you're at it! Fine! FINE!

Laura doesn't want her to leave, knowing that without Carmilla, no one will be there to stop the other vampires from just abducting her instead. She convinces Carmilla to stay by pointing out that as long as she remains, she can state that will is lying, but leaving would all but prove her guilt. Carmilla agrees to remain, citing she has no other plan and that Laura has given her a good reason to remain.

Ep22 5

Also, I have a Lit midterm in five hours. *thump*

Promptly, both of them begin arguing, Carmilla is upset about being held captive for two weeks while Laura is upset about being bitten. Carmilla decides to take a shower, while Laura addresses the neck bite and surmises that the vampires want to kidnap her, Carmilla is the only one stopping them, and she has a midterm in a few hours.


Cultural ReferencesEdit


Laura: (after being bit) Okay. Okay. Not dead. Not dead. Oh my god, my dad is going to kill me.

Laura: That's it? You just use me as a human juice box and I don't even get an explanation?


Carmilla Episode 22 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 22 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella