Arrangements For Living
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Season Two, Episode 7
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Air date June 23rd, 2015
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"Arrangements For Living" is the seventh episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on June 23rd, 2015.


Laura confronts Carmilla about the fact that they'd been living in The Dean's quarters; Mattie returns to "alter the message" of Laura's SNN broadcasts


S2Ep7 1

Great. Last night's memories are tainted now.

Laura is livid that Carmilla didn't tell her who the apartment belonged to. Carmilla reminds her they were only supposed to be there for a few days before Laura decided to stay back and solve the murders, turning the apartment into her new base of operations. LaFontaine and Perry come in, asking about Mattie, with Laura explaining that she's Carmilla's sister and reveals that the house belonged to The Dean, something that LaFontaine isn't surprised about.

S2Ep7 4

See, LaFontaine knew it was The Dean's place. Just like they knew Carmilla was a vampire...the "old times" are going to haunt us forever...

Laura's upset that Mattie is going to part of the news broadcast, but Carmilla explains that Mattie won't be an issue if they keep out of her way. Laura suggests she might have had something to do with the murders of the Voice staff, but Carmilla rebuts she couldn't have since she just got to Silas.

S2Ep7 7

Who wouldn't want to have a vampire co-anchor?

At the next SNN newscast, Laura and Mattie do the show together, with Laura questioning the intentions of Mattie and the board, to which Mattie explains they are at the school only to deal with the damage caused by the anglerfish and the drop in finances as a result. Laura admits those are plausible reasons for an official visit.

S2Ep7 11

I don't know this person!

Moving from that particular topic, during the rest of the newscast Laura tries to relate the news to the students, while Mattie gives her own "toned downed" version of events, much to Laura's annoyance.
S2Ep7 12

The library? Why is it always the library?!

After the newscast Perry brings Mattie and Laura hot chocolate. Mattie stops her as she goes to leave, saying she looks for familiar, asking Perry if she's seen her before. Perry denies the connection and leaves.

Any other activity is cut off by a loud shrieking sound, which attracts Laura's and Carmilla's attention to the window. Soon afterwards, LaFontaine runs in, saying the Library is missing.


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Carmilla: It's just apartment.
Laura: It's the Dean's apartment. We've been sitting in the Dean's chairs. We've been eating off the Dean's table. We've been- Oh my god, we've been sleeping in your mother's bed. Euuuggg!

LaFontaine: Ok, what was that? Because it busted through some seriously thick oak doors without so much as scuffing a Louboutin.

Carmilla: Mattie isn't going to try to kill you if she thinks it'll upset me.
Laura: That's a criteria for choosing a restaurant, or what color to paint the living room. Not for murdering someone!

Laura: Guess who's apartment this is.
LaFontaine: The Dean's?...Am I right?

Mattie: Let's just go with "Transits inconveniences" it's less inflammatory. ,br/> Laura: The first item on the list is a sink hole filled with molten lava.
Mattie: Which probably makes transit inconvenient.

Laura: We're putting people in danger.
Mattie: Hardly.
Laura: We called an airborne swarm of piranha a 10% chance of precipitation.
Mattie: There's moisture involved.

Loud rumbling, screeching sound outside
Laura: What in the name of Skrillex is that?


Carmilla Season 2 Episode 7 "Arrangements For Living"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 7 "Arrangements For Living"