Elizabeth Spielsdorf
Betty city hall
Position Student at Silas University (formerly)
Age Unknown
Status Alive

Portrayed by Grace Glowicki
First appeared in Disorientation
Last appeared in Memory Lane

Elizabeth Anne "Betty" Spielsdorf was a student at Silas University. She was Laura Hollis' original roommate, until she disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Her place as Laura's roommate was subsequently taken by Carmilla Karnstein.

Information Edit

Initially seen as a fun-going 'party girl' who enjoys a good time above all else, Betty came across as being more focused on personal pleasure than excelling academically, as Laura pointed out she was satisfied with terrible grades. This behavioral pattern later became important to Laura's investigation into her disappearance, as she picked up on it being present elsewhere with other, similarly minded women. Prior to her disappearance, she was last seen at the North Quad Mixer, accompanied by Laura. For reasons unknown, she was the first girl to have a note provided with 'proto-shiitake goop'.

Following her disappearance, Laura aims to find out the reasons behind Betty's disappearance, eventually becoming embroiled in a vampire plot that leads her straight to Betty. After a pitched battle, Betty is rescued, and free of outside influence, Betty takes a very different attitude. Her apparent true personality displays Betty to be someone who enjoys cleanliness, while she also is slightly abrasive and arrogant.

Betty eventually made it to Princeton, eventually calling Laura and Carmilla to help them out upon learning of their doomsday dilemma.

History Edit

A high school valedictorian and mayoral page, Betty arrived at Silas for a university tour. Kidnapped by the vampires, she is infected with brain parasites that affect her personality, giving her the "party animal" attitude she displayed at the beginning of Laura Hollis' year there. During a party, Betty is kidnapped and imprisoned to be used as a sacrifice for the vampires. Her disappearance ironically leads to the destruction of the vampire's plans, as her roommate heads an investigation that brings her to Betty and the other would-be sacrifices, where they are subsequently rescued and the vampires plans are foiled.

Following the supernatural incident, Betty opts to depart Silas, transferring to Princeton.

Relationships Edit

Laura Hollis - Laura is fond of Betty, referring to her as the "Jäger-bombinatrix" and showing concern for her. Betty, in return, is similarly minded. As these relationship traits were displayed during the time Betty was mind controlled, it is unknown as to how much of these traits on Betty's side were genuine.

Original Novella Edit

Her character is based on Bertha Rheinfeldt in LeFanu's original novella.

Bertha was the niece and ward of General Spielsdorf, the closest neighbor to Laura's family's castle. She was a much-anticipated visitor, but never met Laura because she died shortly after her uncle welcomed a mysterious young houseguest named Millarca.