Blame Enough For All
Ep28 8
Season One, Episode 28
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Air date November, 4th, 2014.
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"Blame Enough For All" is the 28th episode of Carmilla's first season. It aired on November 4th, 2014.


Laura, Perry and Carmilla try and figure out what is going on after discovering LaFontaine is missing and then remember that they have to inform Kirsch about his vampiric bro. 


Ep28 2

Laura may be safe, but her friends aren't

Perry is worried that they might be doing something to LaFontaine, realizing that the vampires have her. Carmilla explains that LaFontaine has followed the same pattern of the missing girls, but adds that with Sarah Jane having been killed in a fall and Laura under her protection, they needed a replacement for their plans and thus LaFontaine was chosen. Perry becomes furious about LaFontaine's abduction, with Carmilla defending herself and Laura by stating that neither knew they would take LaFontaine.

Ep28 3

What if the last thing she remembers is that I was awful to her?

Perry blames Laura specifically for her actions, ranting that posting the videos online where anyone can see them made the entire group a target, before adding on that if Laura had not interfered with The Dean's plans, LaFontaine would be safe. Perry breaks down thinking that something will happen to LaFontaine and the last thing they will remember is they were fighting. She curls up on Laura's bed, and eventually cries herself to sleep. Laura blames herself for what happened to LaFontaine, and Carmilla cuts her off, assuring her that nothing is her fault.

Ep28 4

Carmilla being kind... this is a change of pace

Laura still agrees with Perry that they could be doing more to protect people. She turns to the camera, sending a message to anyone on the Silas campus that they could be in trouble. Carmilla reminds Laura that no one has told Kirsch that Will is a vampire, which prompts Laura to summon him. Despite her explanation, Kirsch refuses to believe that Will is a vampire.

Ep28 5

Will's my bro

Kirsch states that vampire or not, Will is still a Zeta first and thus adheres to the Zeta's code of honor, so Laura instead cautions him to be careful. He states that he will be on his guard and invites Laura to the post-midterm party. After he leaves, Laura wonders what it would be like with nothing more than midterms and parties to worry about, as opposed to supernatural abduction incidents.

Ep28 7

Would you care to dance?

She asks what parties were like when Carmilla was a teenager. She says they won't much different, expressing a fondness for waltzing because of its air of scandal during her times. When Laura asks how waltzing could be scandalous Carmilla gestures for Laura's hand to dance. Pulling her close, explaining the proximity of the dancers created the scandalous air, as in her time, such proximity was the equivalent of sex itself.
Ep28 10

Worst. Crush. Ever.

After Carmilla steps away Laura yawns, looking at Perry, still sleeping on her bed, realizing she needs a new place to sleep. Carmilla offers her bed to Laura, opting to sleep on floor despite Laura's protestations. She goes into the bathroom and Laura face plants in her bed, absolutely certain that she's suffering from the "worst crush ever".


Cultural ReferencesEdit


Laura: I did this. They took LaFontaine because they couldn't take me. 'Cause they could see my videos and they knew what we were up to.
Carmilla: Alright, okay, just stop all this before I get queasy. Cupcake, you are ridiculous and headstrong and naïve and this whole Lois Lane junior gig is doomed, okay? But unless you're going around kidnapping girls for some ancient unspeakable evil, nothing that's happening right now if your fault.

Laura: If you are on the Silas campus, you are in danger.
Carmilla: Duh.

Carmilla: Did anyone thing to tell that big puppy that follows you around that his BFF's a vampire?
Laura: Oh my god, Kirsch.

Will: And even if Will is a vampire, he's a Zeta first.
Carmilla: Doesn't work that way, beefcake.
Kirsch: Well listen, out of the two of you, my man Will never tried to bite me.

Laura: Worst. Crush. Ever.


Carmilla Episode 28 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 28 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella