Blast From The Past
S0Ep1 23
Season Zero, Episode 1
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Air date October 22nd, 2015
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Blast From The Past is the first episode of Carmilla's Season Zero. It aired on October 22nd, 2015.

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Following the events of the season two finale, it doesn’t take long for Laura to literally fall upon old VHS tapes…and her curiosity gets the best of her. We flash to Silas in 2012. Freshmen Perry and Mel have just been forcefully locked into the same interrogation room, awaiting a certain Inquisitor…

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S0Ep1 9

Sometime following the Fall of Silas and being forced on the run, Carmilla and Laura find themselves in a new room in the Library. Carmilla claims that she has never been to the room in question before, noting she had no idea it even existed. Laura notes that they're stuck in the library, but they do have snacks. She goes offscreen and begins attempting to traverse another hallway, only to be forced back into the room, falling into Carmilla's arms, leading to an awkward moment between the two of them. Shortly afterwards, Laura finds several VHS tapes and decides, against Carmilla's advice, to watch them.

S0Ep1 31

The tapes begin, with Carmilla setting up the camera, and Laura putting the tape in. The video depicts Perry and Mel in a locked room, displaying very different personalities as compared to their current personas seen in the previous months. Perry displays a love of the supernatural and Mel displays distinct traits of a nerd. While both are locked in the room, they look around and find several months worth of tampons and begin discussing an incident that occurred at a Zeta Party, leading to one of the Zeta's being locked up. Carmilla enters the room and places a laptop on the desk, demanding to know which one of them will take the blame. Mel begins pointing at Perry, who gives Carmilla a look of terror.

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Carmilla Season Zero Episode 1 "Blast From The Past"

Carmilla Season Zero Episode 1 "Blast From The Past"