• Nardragon

    The last episodes of Carmilla have aired and the series has come to close (until the movie comes out). So for the last time let's share our favourite moments from those final twelve episodes.

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  • Nardragon

    Favorite Moments from Act II

    September 30, 2016 by Nardragon

    The second act of Carmilla season three dropped on September 29th, 2016 and those seven episodes were a ride from the first seconds of episode 18 to the last cut of episode 24. In those seven episodes, we learn what's been going with Mattie, see Perry again and of course, more Holstein moments are interrupted. There are a few tear jerking moments. And by a few I mean almost every episode. There are funny moments. There are happy moments. There are the sad moments. And then there are some that are just spine tingling . More montages.

    So let's talk about what your favourite moments were.

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  • Nardragon

    It's here and it's queer. The first 17 episodes of the final season of Carmilla dropped and they have set the story in motion sending it forward with full speed. If you somehow haven't seen all the episodes as yet go give them a watch . If you have seen them share what your favourite moments here. Say a little on why you like them. Say a lot on why you like them. And after you've mentioned the kisses tell us what else you liked. Even if it wasn't a favourite moment you can share those too. What didn't you like? Why didn't you like it?

    They don't even have to be from the episodes. Did a particular exchange on Twitter or Tumblr catch your eye? Or did you check out Mel's podcast and love those?

    Any moments that made you laugh out loud?

    Any that …

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  • Nardragon

    Favourite Vampire

    February 13, 2016 by Nardragon
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  • Nardragon

    Best of Season 2

    October 19, 2015 by Nardragon

    Season 1 had a Best of video, and while we may still get one for season 2 until then why don't we share some our favorite moments from season 2 here.

    Some of the possible categorizes are-

    • Best of Laura Nicknames (in the season 1 video there was a category specifically for Laura's nicknames, but there are so many good nicknames in general why limit it?)
    • Best LaFontaine Truth Bombs
    • Best Perry-normal Activity (oh this is one has a lot to choose from for season 2)
    • Best of Stunts! ( again, a lot of good moments from this S2)
    • Best Danny VS and Kirsch moments
    • Best Laura "Hollis-isms" (I was originally going to make an entire blog post just for this because Hollis-isms are the best)
    • Best Hollstien moments (romantic and/or fighting)
    • Best of Mattie threats
    • Best Dapp…
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  • Nardragon


    October 8, 2015 by Nardragon

    The fandom has once again started a #SaveCarmilla campaign, because there is still a level of uncertain on the fate of Season Three. How can we help to save Carmilla, well, Slay says it much better than I could here .

    So use this blog post to share why you think there should be a third season of Carmilla. Perhaps, tell why you got into Carmilla and what it means to you. And most importantly, share this post, let more more people see and come share. Help #SaveCarmilla.

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  • Nardragon

    Season Three Theories

    October 2, 2015 by Nardragon

    Season Three is going to be here in summer 2016. But until then we have a more than enough to theorize about the final arc of Carmilla.

    Danny's a vampire. Mattie is alive. Perry is the Dean. Corvae runs the school. Carmilla, Laura and LaFontaine are holed up in the library. J.P. is missing. Kirsch has probably become Danny's personal blood bag.

    How are all these things going to play out in season three? We know woefully little about the Corvae and what they want with Silas. Their plans could be anything from global domination to world destruction. Who knows what will happen if all Seven gates open?

    • How will LaFontaine react when they learn about Perry? How will Laura and Carmilla?
    • Will Mattie help fight against her mother? Or will she want to …
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  • Nardragon

    Season Zero Theories

    October 2, 2015 by Nardragon

    Since we're watching VHS tapes we could assume that the events take place somewhere between 50-20 years ago.

    • Who is this season going to be about?
    • What's it going to be about?
    • Are we going to see Carmilla in leg warmers?

    These are the questions I want the answers to. These and others. What do you think is going to happen?  Edited --Nardragon (talk) 11:31, October 6, 2015 (UTC)

    So my initial assumptions have been proven wrong. It won't be quite back as 20 years. Here's some of the new information -

    After everyone caught their breath from the finale, I was thrilled to be able to announce Carmilla Season Zero, which premieres on October 22nd at 5:30pm EST on the VerveGirl Channel, with subsequent episodes airing on U By Kotex’s Channel. For those w…

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  • Nardragon

    Season Two Discussion

    October 2, 2015 by Nardragon

    Share your thoughts on season two here. 

    Your thoughts on the characters, the plot, the reveals. What you liked. What you didn't. Why you did or didn't? And anything else about the season you'd like to share. 

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  • Nardragon

    Favorite Character

    September 16, 2015 by Nardragon

    Who's your favorite character?

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  • Nardragon

    Favorite Location

    September 12, 2015 by Nardragon

    Carmilla is set in the wonderfully mysterious Silas University, teeming with ghosts, trolls, harpies, the odd kobold, and of course a few resident vampires. Not to forget the many, many other supernatural beings lurking in every nook and cranny. Silas and part of Austria it resides in may be the setting but it's just as vibrant and multifaceted as any character. It hides secrets, and holds centuries of history in it's walls. And we experience all of it through lens of one camera that never leaves a room.

    If you want, you can share you're favorite place below and why it's your favorite place. Is it somewhere we've seen? Do you wish we could see these other places on camera? Is your favorite location one not included in either of the polls?

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  • Nardragon

    Times Gone Past

    July 6, 2015 by Nardragon

    This blog, like the titles says is for headcanons of the characters prior to Disorientation. The fandom already has scores of ideas about our favorite Silas students. This is a place where you can share and expand on your own, and help add to others. Just some ideas, to get things rolling-

    • Just how long Perry and LaF have known each other?
    • Who was Carmilla's first love? And when did it happen?
    • Why is Laura's dad's so protective? Just what happened to her mother?
    • Is Perry a witch? Is she? IS SHE!?!
    • Did LaFontaine once almost burn her primary school down at a science fair?
    • Did Danny play softball in secondary school?
    • Does Kirsch has older more successful siblings?
    • Is Theo's family immigrants?
    • Is Mel's family Silas Alum? Was her mother/aunts/ect part …
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  • Nardragon

    Matska's Plans

    July 5, 2015 by Nardragon

    At this point it's very obvious that Mattie has some dark secrets. At this point, personally I have no clue as to what she could be planning. If I had to guess anything the 'first gate' mentioned in Sister Spycraft has some implications to a ritual or relics of some sort. 

    Please share any throughts you may have. 

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  • Nardragon

    It's becoming more and more obvious that something is going on with Perry this season. From her promo picture, to her being the one to discover the Voice kids, to her attack and her dreams. Some possible theories

    • She's being possessed-
      • by Lilita
      • Some other unknown entity

    Please, share any other theories.

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