Bluster and Consequences
S2Ep25 9
Season Two, Episode 25
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Air date August 25th, 2015
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'"Bluster and Consequences" is the twenty-fifth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on August 25th, 2015.


Between Vordenberg's plan for Lophii and Mattie's plan for Silas, things are dire on campus.


S2Ep25 2

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Laura and Danny pull J.P. off of LaFontaine, with the student in question disoriented, but otherwise unhurt. J.P. begins devouring the blood bag with gusto, and Carmilla points out that things like that are exactly why starving vampires is a bad idea.

S2Ep25 4

Wow, Broody McEmoPants actually contributed to the conversation. That's progress.

Laura argues that they still need to figure out Vordenberg's plan and Mattie is their best source of information. Carmilla agrees and attempts to convince Mattie to share what she knows. Mattie states she has no idea what Vordenberg has planned, nor does she know of Corvae's plans.

S2Ep25 7

Protip: Letting the nutty old bat get his hands on blood of a fish-god is probably a bad thing.

The group finds this revelation hard to believe, but Mattie explains that Corvae is a powerful organisation. They wonder if Vordenberg would work with the organization, but Mattie states that he does not need Corvae, as he is capable of creating things with the blood harvested from the Anglerfish, if he seizes it.

S2Ep25 10

Someone's about to go a little batty...

The group realizes that they need a way to stop Vordenberg before he gets the blood of the Anglerfish. Being the Chair makes him near invulnerable from a political standpoint and his army keeps him protected from a direct physical attack, but Mattie has an idea to get a weapon to counter his forces. She says that she and Carmilla will sneak past the patrols in order to seize the weapon they need. Laura questions what weapon she's going to get, but Mattie doesn't share that information with her.

S2Ep25 12

Luke, sit down. We have to talk.

Carmilla and Mattie go in the secret passage to discuss more about their plans without the others intruding. Sometime later Laura and Danny are talking alone. Both women admit that they don't trust Mattie, but they don't have a choice in the matter and will thus work with her anyways. Laura tells Danny she has something important to tell her, and she makes her promise not to share the secret with anyone else. She starts to tell Danny about Mattie's weakness, but Danny interrupts and tells her to turn off the camera.


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  • Boo Radley



Carmilla Season 2 Episode 25 "Bluster and Consequences"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 25 "Bluster and Consequences"