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Season Two, Episode 30
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Air date September 10th, 2015
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"Co-Existence" is the thirtieth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on September 10th, 2015.


Carmilla, full of rage, disappointment and fury at Laura - who killed Mattie by proxy - gives up on her and leaves.


The episode flashes back to a time where Mattie was still the chair, co-anchoring the Silas New Network with Laura. Both warn students against joining the Anglerfish Preservation Society, with Mattie making a joke about the situation, which fails to amuse Laura but causes Carmilla to laugh at her. Mattie admits that despite her worries over the situation, in addition to the trauma of breaking up with Carmilla, she can't lose her sense of humor. Laura admits that it's hard to take advice from someone who issued death threats to her, with Mattie reminding her that she isn't dead yet, and states that Laura should stop judging people. Laura points out that Carmilla killed Vordenberg's ancestors, with Mattie telling the vampire perspective of the story.

Carmilla was stolen from her grave by Vordenberg's ancestor and he kept her body in his dungeon. Laura asks why Carmilla didn't say this before, with the other vampire admitting she was embarrassed by the information and didn't want to bring up the past anyways. Mattie and Carmilla engage in a playful chase, causing Laura to smile.

Flashing back to the present day, Mattie collapses into Carmilla's arms, fatally wounded by Danny. Carmilla begs Mattie to tell her how to aid her, but Mattie admits that her injury will kill her and tells Carmilla to be on guard for who the true murderer of the Voice Staff and the Summer Members was. She warns her that whoever it is is still out there, continuing their mother's cause, and subsequently dies.

Enraged, Carmilla vows to kill Danny, with the latter standing firm and stating she will not go down without a fight. Carmilla immediately attempts to kill her, with Laura interceding between the two of them, begging Carmilla to stop. Carmilla orders Laura to get out of the way, admitting that Danny's actions were the result of Laura telling the truth about Mattie's weakness to her. Carmilla immediately begins choking Laura instead, stating she now knows that Mattie was truly right about Laura being a controlling, naive idealist, and says that Laura is a fool.

Laura attempts to apologize, with Carmilla ignoring her attempts to do so, mocking Laura for all she stands for and her actions. Carmilla declares that she will kill anyone who comes after her, and leaves the room.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 30 "Co-Existence"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 30 "Co-Existence"