Coup De Grace
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Season Two, Episode 18
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Air date July 30th, 2015
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"Coup De Grace" is the eighteenth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on July 30th, 2015.


Armed with the information to take down Mattie, Laura & Co. - to Carmilla's alarm - aim to place Vordenberg as Board Chair, disregarding the consequences.


S2Ep18 1

We Are Broken. Get over it.

The episode opens with Laura about to start the debate, while Carmilla tries to convince her otherwise. Laura pays no heed to her suggestion and after brushing her off, goes ahead with the debate. She presents the show to the viewers, introducing the candidates for the Chair, Mattie and Vordenberg, before explaining how the debate will be run.

S2Ep18 5

You know the music, time to dance!

After explaining the rules, Laura opens up the debate by asking Mattie about the plan to sell a portion of the students' bodies. Mattie explains that the actual plan is for Corvae to catalog the students, before evacuating them. Vordenberg rebuts the notion with the fact that Mattie invoked Section 23 of the Silas Charter. Mattie counters by citing that the charter was invoked to deal with the Anglerfish.

S2Ep18 9

Silas Political Faceoff!

According to Mattie, her mother's plan was to sell the Anglerfish to Corvae, but she wants to collapse the school on top of it instead, explaining the reasoning behind evacuating the students. Laura says that sooner or later, Mattie will try to get rid of them permanently and she reveals the files that Perry found before.

S2Ep18 10

Vordenberg defeats Mattie!

The files in question reveal that Mattie is a consultant for Corvae, and is receiving 10% of the sales and additionally, she has files on how to kill the other members of Board. The new information causes both of the other members to evict Mattie from her position on the Chair and make Vordenberg the new Chair.

S2Ep18 16

Dancing time!

Enraged at her loss, Mattie attacks Laura in retaliation for deposing her, but Carmilla stops her from doing so, to Mattie's disbelief and Laura's shock. Mattie promptly bolts, covering her exit with a supersonic scream. After recovering from the sonic attack, Laura proudly introduces the Baron as the new Chair of the Board, with the group having a celebratory dubstep dance party.
S2Ep18 18

I hereby pronounce the formation of the first Galactic Empire!

Shortly after his ascendance to the chair, Vordenberg makes a speech to the school, stating that he's pleased to be the new Chair and promises to lead Silas to greatness. A moment later, he calls for the detainment of all persons known or suspected to vampires, something which takes everyone by surprise. Laura, to her horror, realizes she may have made a mistake.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 18 "Coup De Grace"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 18 "Coup De Grace"