Damage Control
S2Ep20 8
Season Two, Episode 20
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Air date August 4th, 2015
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"Damage Control" is the twentieth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on August 4th, 2015.


Mattie brings a wounded Carmilla back to Laura, but they struggle to find a middle ground.


S2Ep20 1

Last time we were doing this, we had Danny!

Laura rushes to the aid of Mattie and helps her get Carmilla into a seat. During this time, Mattie explains what happened, recounting that she and Carmilla were lead into a trap by the students, where they were assaulted by a volley of arrows. During the ambush, Carmilla got Mattie to the safety of nearby bushes but was impaled by an arrow in the process. Part of the arrow that hit her is still lodged in her chest.

S2Ep20 5

Picking fights while Broody McEmoPants bleeds out. Sounds legit.

Mattie says she needs blood soon, and Laura directs her to the fridge. After Carmilla drinks some, she comes to properly and is thrilled that Mattie brought her to Laura's base of operations. Mattie demands that Laura gets LaFontaine to aid them.

S2Ep20 9

Bill Nye The Science Guy To The Rescue!

Laura refuses to do so, knowing full well that Mattie cannot kill her without risking Carmilla's own death, and states that unless the attacks stop, she will not aid them further. Mattie reluctantly acquiesces to Laura's demands, resulting in her getting LaFontaine to help them.

S2Ep20 11

Oh great, it's Law and Order again.

LaFontaine begins examining Carmilla’s wound, sending J.P. to acquire the supplies they need. Perry isn’t happy that Carmilla and Mattie are in the room, leading to her facing off with the latter. LaFontaine and J.P. take Carmilla to the sofa so they can work on her without the drama in question going on.

S2Ep20 14

The Force will be with you, Luke. Always.

Perry remains convinced that Mattie killed the Voice staff, while Mattie continues to state she's innocent on the matter, citing that if she actually did kill them, she would happily admit it. The words do nothing to convince Perry, who then turns her anger on Laura and leaves the room.

S2Ep20 15


LaFontaine successfully removes the arrow fragment and patches up the wound, with Mattie asking how Carmilla is feeling, informing her they’ll be staying until she's recovered fully. Carmilla isn’t pleased when learns the terms Mattie agreed to, which involve stopping the attacks in exchange for safe haven from Vordenberg's troops. As if on cue, Perry rushes in, saying they need to hide Mattie and Carmilla, as Vordenberg’s forces are headed their way.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 20 "Damage Control"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 20 "Damage Control"