Danny Lawrence
Position Teaching Assistant; Vice President of the Summer Society's
Age 21
Status Undead

Portrayed by Sharon Belle
First appeared in Town Hall
Last appeared in Long Goodbyes

Danny Lawrence is a third year student at Silas University, serving in the role of a Teacher's Assistant for the Literatures Department. She is the Vice President of the Summer Society's outdoor recreation department. Formerly human, she was killed by Theo Straka and subsequently resurrected as a vampire by Lilita Morgan.



Danny is a strong, energetic woman who takes pride in protecting those she cared for, Danny often showed an almost smothering sense of affection for her friends, something which was especially evident with Laura Hollis.

A passionate member of the Summer Society, she was a dedicated member of the sorority in question, spending much of her time with the group, although she later estranged herself as a result of their more radical policies regarding the treatment of others. Her personality earned her several nicknames, among the known ones being "Summer Psycho", "Psycho Society" and "D-Bear", along with "Xena" due to her height and temperament.

As a result of her transformation into a vampire, her current personality has become considerably more abrasive and hostile, with Danny displaying violent tendencies when frustrated.

Relationships Edit

Laura Hollis - Danny and Laura get along quite well. The two of them first met in Laura's literature class, where Laura was enamored with her. Danny believed Laura when students began to vanish, and aided her in the following investigation. Despite this, neither of them visibly consummated a relationship with the other. Various personality clashes, specifically Laura's distaste for 
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Danny's overprotectiveness and Danny's justified anger at Laura refusing to believe that Carmilla is dangerous leads them both to break off their previous attempts to form a romantic relationship.

Despite their ending of a budding romance, both remain on good terms, as Danny is often the first to follow Laura into her various antics and Laura likewise trusts Danny to a considerable degree.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first character to be transformed into a vampire on-screen.
  • She is the first person visibly killed on-screen.
  • She is the first person to kill someone on-screen.

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