Position Student

Member of the Summer Society

Age Unknown
Status Alive

Portrayed by Paige Haight
First appeared in The Roommate
Last appeared in Heroic Vampire Bull****

Elsie is a student at Silas University, a member of the Summer Society, and was one of Carmilla's many so-called female "study buddies" that she invited into Laura and her's shared dorm room and flirted with all night much to Laura's annoyance. Elsie soon disappeared and was one of the chosen sacrifices by the Vampire Cult. She was saved by Carmilla, Laura and the gang. She was later seen at Carmilla & Laura's Dorm Room after the events of the battle.

Following the Corvae takeover, Elsie was one of the students sent to dig in the pit, where she struck up an increasingly hostile rivalry with Mel, documented in Mel's transmissions from the pit. Apparently naïve to how serious her situation was, Elsie was left traumatized after the Dean's followers hung her upside down over a pit, which necessitated Mel rescuing her. She was further left disturbed upon discovering J.P.'s dead body, blaming herself for all the events in the pit. By the time Mel releases her final podcast, she and Elsie have made plans to go get dinner, with Elsie's flirtatious tone and a brief image of them together suggesting this is the start of a considerably less-hostile relationship.

Elsie's status as of the movie is unknown, but an article written by her for the Voice of Silas in the aftermath of the series finale (seen in a quick shot in the film) reveal she was angered by the events of the school year, and showed disdain for Laura, suggesting she was jealous that Carmilla chose Laura over her.