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Season Two, Episode 29
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Air date September 8th, 2015
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"Godslayer" is the twenty-ninth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on September 8th, 2015.


Believing she killed her sisters, Danny betrays Mattie and brings Vordenberg to the homebase. A tense stand-off ensues leading to a horrific conclusion.


S2Ep29 1

Now, Mr. Bond, you will listen to my conveniently timed exposition rant.

Laura accuses Danny of betraying the group, demanding to know how she could do such a thing to them. Danny states that she did it to save the campus, revealing that the deal was to betray Carmilla and Mattie in exchange for the campus being restored to it's previous state. Vordenberg begins to gloat about his victory, but Mattie cuts him off, sick of his exaggerations over his skill and history.

S2Ep29 4

And watch my funny movements.

Vordenberg admits that his stories are indeed exaggerated, but with this victory, he is about to become everything he hoped that he would be. Successful, powerful, his family name once again held in high esteem, and known as a vampire hunter and a godslayer. He had no intention of upholding his deal with Danny, intending to eliminate the entire group and then complete his agenda.

S2Ep29 7

And watch as I freak out when Harbinger possesses his minions.

Everyone except Carmilla and Mattie are surprised by his betrayal. Laura pleads with him not to go through with killing the Anglerfish, but before the argument can continue further, LaFontaine and Kirsch suddenly exhibit odd behavior. The Anglerfish possesses the duo and utilizes them as avatars for it's own voice. It warns them that should it die, the First Gate will open and everyone will die.

S2Ep29 8

...uh...I think I'll be going.

The camera feed is disabled for a few seconds as a horrible cry is heard. Kirsch and LaFontaine drop to the floor, unconscious. As the camera reconstructs the feed and comes back on, Carmilla and Danny are checking on LaFontaine and Kirsch. Laura expresses worry that the two might be dead, but the girls confirm they are breathing. Carmilla and Danny help the two into seats to aid them in their recovery.

S2Ep29 15

That's it! If you want a monster, then you shall have one!

Danny reminds them Mattie still killed the Summers, and Laura joins her blaming Perry’s disappearance on Mattie, and Vordenberg brings up the Voice staff. Mattie is finally fed up of being accused of murders she didn’t commit, and begins laughing, admitting she indeed succeeded in consuming the Anglerfish's blood.
S2Ep29 18

Oh, son of a bi-

Mattie, now consumed by insanity, declares she will destroy Vordenberg, his army and everything else, with the man in question deciding to flee the room, with Mattie in tow. Danny stops Mattie and the two engage in a fight, with Mattie breaking a number of Danny's bones in the scuffle. Danny tears off Mattie's necklace and smashes it, causing a bright light to consume the camera.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 29 "Godslayer"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 29 "Godslayer"