It's A Trap
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Season One, Episode 17
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Air date September 25th, 2014
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Best Laid Plans While You Weren't Watching

"It's A Trap" is the 17th episode of Carmilla. It aired on September 25th, 2014.


Laura is dressed to the nines and performing her role as "Vampire Bait" very well when Danny bursts in to save her...and then something awful happens. 


Ep17 2

Don't you look like a virgin sacrifice...

Sometime before the Zeta Bonfire Party, Laura presents her take on acting as "vampire bait", in the form of her wearing a Victorian-style fluffy sleeve white top. Her plan involves going to the party and luring Carmilla away, enabling Danny and the Zetas to capture her. Carmilla, on the other hand, shows up dressed in a corset and leather pants, bearing champagne.

Ep17 3

The more I thought about a bonfire with those lackwits the less interested I became.

Carmilla reveals she no longer desires to go to the bonfire party, and decided to instead bring the party to their shared dorm room. She takes note that Laura isn't wearing the charm bracelet she gave her, to which Laura bluffs that it didn't go with her outfit. Carmilla takes offense to the thought that Laura didn't actually like it. With the added complication of not being at the party, Laura attempts to alert the others as to the change of plans, but Carmilla stops her, stating she doesn't want the others to join in on the fun. She pulls Laura closer, only for Danny to burst in.

Ep17 4

Is Carmilla going to kiss her or eat her?

Carmilla, before she can react, is unceremoniously tackled, an action which causes the camera to cut out. Some time later, Laura brings the camera back online to reveal that Carmilla is currently tied to a chair with duct tape and copious amounts of rope, while Danny is nursing a black eye while LaFontaine is similarly injured.

Ep17 6

Vampire captured!

Laura triumphantly tells how Danny took note of Laura's absence and came back to check on her, leading to the ensuing confrontation. LaFontaine is currently suffering from a minor head injury while Will may have had his collarbone fractured.
Ep17 7

I can't find Natalie and I think SJ's... I think she's dead.

Despite their injuries, the group celebrates their victory, believing that with Carmilla captured, the threat is over and they'll be able to recover the missing girls, in addition to curing Sarah Jane and Natalie's party-animal condition. Before they can go any further with their celebration, a scream rips through the air, followed by Kirsch breaking into the room, announcing that Natalie is missing and Sarah Jane has died.



Carmilla: Don't you look like a virgin sacrifice.
Laura: I'm not the one in a corset.


Carmilla Episode 17 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 17 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella