Kaitlyn Alexander
Kaitlyn Alexander
Some attributes
Height 5 foot 4
Age 24 years old
Birthday 9th October, 1992
Eye color Blue
Hair color Naturally Red, Teal/Blonde (as of Dec 3 2015)
Preferred pronouns They/Them

Kaitlyn Alexander is a Canadian actor, writer, and youtuber best known for their role as LaFontaine in Carmilla.



Kaitlyn has been in a variety of productions. The roles they have played include Mrs. Voluble in the Canadian Premiere of The Witlings, Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, Mistress Quince in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Laura Secord in a collective creation called In The Midst of Alarms. They have also written and produced their own play Bruised Porcelain and a web series called Couple-ish.

MFilmography Edit

Year Title Role
2014 Motives & Murders: Cracking The Case Michelle
2014- Currently Carmilla S.LaFontaine
2015- Currently Couple-ish Dee


  • Kaitlyn is color blind they can't differentiate between some shades, e.g. pink and red look the same to them.
  • They were born with red hair, but when they were three years old it all fell out and grew back in blonde.
  • They grew up in Ottawa, Canada but later moved to Toronto.
  • They realized they were genderqueer while playing LaFontaine on Carmilla.

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Carmilla Periscope Kaitlyn Alexander

Carmilla Periscope Kaitlyn Alexander

Carmilla Interview with Kaitlyn Alexander

Carmilla Interview with Kaitlyn Alexander