Last Call
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Season Two, Episode 34
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Air date September 24th, 2015
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"Last Call" is the thirty-fourth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on September 24th, 2015.


As the siege gets worse and the Baron gets closer, Laura tries again to break through to Carmilla - who finally contacts her back. It's far from what Laura wants to hear.


The scene opens with Laura broadcasting over the Silas network, pleading with Carmilla to hear. During her pleas, she apologizes for her actions in causing Mattie's death and the ensuing civil war among the students. She knows that her apology isn't enough of a reason for Carmilla to forgive her, and she admits that she doesn't expect forgiveness. Laura continues to monologue, explaining she doesn't want Carmilla to help her for her own sake, or the memories of the relationship they once shared.

Laura admits that her ideals of right and wrong have caused the very chaos that she sought to prevent, and she no longer intends on standing by those morals, knowing that they caused her to make choices that ultimately made her no better than Vordenberg or The Dean, doing what she believed was right with no regard for the consequences or others. She believes now that looking out for one another is the best thing they can do and again asks Carmilla to help, if only for the sake of the students on campus.

To Laura's surprise, Carmilla responds, considerably disheveled and bloodied as a result of being on the run. With Laura unprepared to be talking to her face to face, she ends up nervously engaging in small talk. During their conversation, Laura finds out Carmilla hasn’t drank the Anglerfish blood yet. Carmilla stops Laura mid-rambling, demanding to know what she wants. Laura hesitantly admits that she needs the vampire's help.

Carmilla calls Laura insane for believing she’s to take up the mantle of responsibility and once more be the hero after everything that’s happened. The blunt refusal doesn’t deter Laura from again asking for help, stating that the hero doesn't just have to be one person who stands for all, they can be a person who simply stands for another. Carmilla cuts her off by stating that in real life, heroes don't always show up and that sometimes, evil just wins. She cuts the connection immediately after, abandoning Laura to her fate.

Perry comes in and tells Laura that fighting has broken out nearby. Laura immediately joins the fray, with Perry following her out the room. Carmilla startles Perry by contacting her, stating her intentions to aid Laura. Carmilla notices Laura's absence and asks where she is, and is greeted by Perry, who is unusually smug. Perry mockingly telling her that Laura doesn't want to talk to Carmilla and ends the video call, seemingly shifting moods before leaving the room.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 34 "Last Call"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 34 "Last Call"