Lilita Morgan
The dean
Position Dean (Now known to be a god known by the name Inanna)
Age Unknown
Status God

Portrayed by Sharon Belle ( in one episode), Elise Bauman (as a possessed Laura),

Annie Briggs (as a possessed Perry)

First appeared in The Roommate (mentioned)
Last appeared in Post Apocalypse

Lilita Morgan, known more commonly as The Dean, is the Dean of Students at Silas University and is also the leader of the university's vampire cult.

Information Edit

Head of the vampire cult responsible for kidnapping girls every twenty years at Silas University, The Dean is an intimidating figure. She demonstrates many powers despite her limited appearances, and presumably is considerably stronger than other vampires as a result of her status and presumed experience. As now we know that shes not simply a vampire but a god bent on revenge and whose goal is to open the gates of hell upon earth.

Relationships Edit

Carmilla Karnstein Edit

While she previously worked unquestioningly for her mother, Carmilla absolutely despises The Dean in the present day, but nonetheless, works for her regardless. She refers to her as "Maman", and reveals they had a more amicable working relationship until the day that Carmilla's lover, Ell, was sacrificed to the vampire cult. Following this, Carmilla had a desire to seek revenge against her mother, something she ultimately accomplished, however, temporary it ultimately turned out to be.

Will Edit

Will often 'sucked up' to the The Dean's every wish, being regarded as something of a 'Mama's Boy' for his efforts. His dedication to her ultimately got him killed, and The Dean does not seem to notice nor care about his demise.

Matska Belmonde Edit

Matska and The Dean are on rocky terms, as Mattie has attempted to kill her at least once and states that she will only perform her mother's orders for as long as she doesn't disagree with them. Beyond this, their relationship is not shown.

Trivia Edit

  • At the moment, she is the only character to have been played by different actresses: Sharon Belle, Elise Bauman and Annie Briggs.
    • It is worth noting that, save for a brief shadowy glimpse in The Real Betty, the Dean has never truly appeared on-screen in her original body. Each appearance she has had, bar the one with Sharon Belle, involved her possessing someone.
  • She is the most powerful vampire seen on the show to date.

Original Novella Edit

Her character is based on Carmilla's mother in LeFanu's original novella.

Carmilla's mother is described as a tall middle-aged woman with a commanding presence. After their carriage tips over near Laura's family's castle, she allows Laura's father to look after her unconscious daughter for three months while she is away on "a journey of life and death, in prosecuting which to lose an hour is possibly to lose all." She makes Laura's father promise not to question her daughter about who they are or where they come from.