Lola Perry
Perry S2
Position Student
Age 25
Status Alive

Portrayed by Annie Briggs
First appeared in Freak OUT
Last appeared in Post Apocalypse
Laferry 1

LaFontaine and Perry

Lola Perry is a student of Silas University, specifically, she is a German major. She also takes the role of floor don for Laura's dorm. She has been close friends with LaFontaine for most of their life. She is referred to by most as simply "Perry".


Personality Edit

Mature, caring and dedicated, Perry takes on the role of the "team mom", often nurturing her friends and fellow dorm-mates. She feels the need to have a sense of control in all situations and prefers things to be orderly and "normal", the result of an incident prior to Laura's arrival that left her traumatized and filled with hatred for all things magical.

Perry is Jewish, as she stated during the Christmas Incident that she celebrates Channukah.

By the time of Baron Vordenberg's tenure, Perry's personality has become considerably darker, and she takes on a distinctive ruthless streak, showing some anger over the state of affairs at the school. This is later revealed to be a result of her possession by The Dean.

Relationships Edit

Susan "LaF" LaFontaine Edit

Her best friend, LaFontaine, Perry has known LaFontaine since they were five years old, and has always been the mature one in their friendship, balancing out LaFontaine's wilder side.

Quotes Edit

"Just.. be normal. Just.. BE NORMAL!!"[1]

"She's not a vampire. There's no such thing as vampires. She's a light averse octogenarian with an extreme hemoglobin deficiency and really good skin."[2]

Original Novella Edit

Her character is based on Madame Perrodon in LeFanu's original novella.

Madame Perrodon is Laura's governess. She is Swiss, and is described as fat, middle-aged, and matronly.

References Edit

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