Lophiiformes was originally believed to be a light demon that devours people and was described as " the light that devours ". Ell, Carmilla's deceased lover and one of Lophiiformes' victims, would go to future victims in their dreams to warn them to "stay away from the light because the light is hungry." Along with Ell's warning and a Sumerian book, Carmilla and Laura found out about the existence of Lophiiformes. Laura, Carmilla, and the others fought it in the final battle of season 1, where Laura fed The Dean to it. After believing to have killed it, they soon discovered that it is not a light demon after all, but an angler fish god with a lure on its head who is stuck in a crater where the theater building used to be. Students initially would torment with it with cherry bombs, but some have taken to nicknaming it "Lophii" and protesting its inhumane treatment. It can be inferred that Lophiiformes is female as the lure that produces light on an anglerfish's head is a biologically female trait. Lafontaine has referred to it as "her".

Matska Belmonde aka, Mattie, the Chair of the Silas Board, reveals that her intentions at Silas was to bury Lophiiformes, so that it wouldn't be a problem, but after she loses her power to Vordenberg, those plans are nixed. Vordenberg on the other-hand has plans to kill Lophiiformes, despite the possible consequences this could cause. Danny makes a deal with Vordenberg in which if he spares Lophiiformes, she will guide him to Carmilla and Mattie. Vordenberg agrees, but then goes back on his word and has Lophiiformes killed anyway. As Lophiiformes dies, it sends a message to everyone about the upcoming chaos.

It is revealed later that The Dean had wanted to kill Lophiiformes many years prior but was outvoted by the Silas Board. Despite this, the Dean finally gets what she wants when Lophiiformes is killed. It is revealed that the Dean had orchestrated everything which included the death of Lophiiformes. It is possible that Lophiiformes was a guard for the gates and now with it dead, the gates are now accessible.