Matska Belmonde
Matska Belmonde
Sophia Walker
Position Chair of the Silas Board of Governors
Age over 1200
Status Undead

Portrayed by Sophia Walker
First appeared in Something Wicked
Last appeared in Post Apocalypse

Matska 'Mattie' Belmonde was the Chair of the Silas Board of Governors and Carmilla's post-human life "sister", as they both were raised by The Dean. She and her sister appeared to have a very strong bond. She was killed by Summer Society member Danny Lawrence. She later returned as a servant of Ereshkigal, who used her as a messenger.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Mattie is a powerful and very old vampire with great leadership qualities and a dark sarcastic humour. She appeared to have traditional vampiric worldviews, hence the apathy regarding humans and highly realistic thinking. She also appeared to be very cunning and educated. She had a very close relationship with her sister and best friend Carmilla. She has a huge amount of degree of patience, but when pestered or accused of something she didn't do, she will tend to blow into an angry rage.

Being over 1200 years old she's come to value self-preservation, over most things.Showing little concern for those around her, save Carmilla. Before becoming a vampire she mentioned having lived in a grass hut by a river. 

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first character to be killed on-screen.
  • She is the last character seen in season 2.

Original Novella Edit

Her character is based on Matska in J. Sheridan LeFanu's original novella.

Matska is a very obscure character in the story. She was evidently riding with Carmilla and her mother in their carriage when it tipped over outside Laura's castle, but she did not exit the vehicle. Instead she watched from the window as Carmilla's mother tricked Laura's father into letting Carmilla stay at his home, "nodding and grinning derisively" with eyes gleaming and "her teeth set as if in fury."

She is described as "a hideous black woman, with a sort of colored turban on her head" and is noted as having "large white eyeballs." Technically this character is unnamed, but she is generally assumed to be the Matska that Carmilla asks about when she awakens from being knocked unconscious.