My Roommate, The Vampire
Ep15 2
Season One, Episode 15
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Air date September 18th, 2014
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"My Roommate, The Vampire" is the 15th episode of Carmilla. It aired on September 18th, 2014.


Laura is a little miffed about being the last to figure out that Carmilla is a vampire (derp) and LaFontaine lays out a less-than-ideal plan to the group. 


Ep15 1

That's not the face of someone who knew her roommate was a vampire

LaFontaine displays more concern over the fact absolutely no one else noticed that Carmilla is actually a vampire. Perry is in complete disbelief over the matter, Danny rushes to find a way to kill vampires, while Laura begins to wonder if she will be the next woman to vanish.

Ep15 3

The internet: #1 source for vampire killing info

Before a more permanent solution to the issue can be enacted, Perry argues that they cannot attack and kill Carmilla without proof.
Ep15 5

What do we use as bait in this case? Well... uh, Laura.

Lafontaine counters the point by stating that they already have proof, but Laura agrees with Perry and points out that Carmilla is their only known lead to finding the missing girls.

A brief debate on how to capture a vampire ensues, and ends when LaFontaine suggests they use Laura as bait. The others don't look entirely pleased.

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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Lucy from Dracula - Lucy is one of Dracula's victims and becomes his bride before being killed.
  • Laura makes a reference to Lestat - Lestat de Lioncourt is a vampire and a major character in The Vampire Chronicles series, by Anne Rice.


Laura: You all knew I was living with a vampire and nobody said anything?
LaF: You really didn't know?
Danny: I didn't know!
LaF: I thought you were just playing it cool, you know? Didn't want to seem all speciesist.
Laura: Speciesist?

Perry: She's not a vampire. There's no such thing as vampires. She's a light adverse octogenarian with extreme hemoglobin deficiency and really good skin.

Laura: So, something's been taking girls and the ones that have come back have gone full on Lucy from Dracula and you don't think my roommate being a vampire is, I don't know, pertinent information?
LaF Well, when you put it that way.

Laura: She making with the creepy dreams and the charms...
LaF: And the seduction eyes...
Danny: Seduction eyes?
Laura: I am totally next. Quick, check my neck! Is there anything on my neck?!
Danny: Wait, seduction eyes?!


Carmilla Episode 15 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 15 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella