Position Student
Age Unknown
Status Alive

Portrayed by Lisa Truong
First appeared in Patterns
Last appeared in Heroic Vampire Bull****

Information Edit

Prior to her disappearance, Natalie attended Silas.

History Edit

A student at Silas University, Natalie was present a Psychology Wine and Cheese Party at the time of her kidnapping by the vampires. Before she could be sacrificed, she was freed by Carmilla Karnstein as part of the latter's scheme to gain revenge against her mother, The Dean. As with Sarah Jane, Natalie woke up without knowing what had happened to her. Despite Laura Hollis attempting to question her on the disappearance of Sarah Jane and herself, Carmilla inadvertently frightened her off through whistling the theme from X-Files.

Natalie was infected with brain parasites, which altered her personality and gave her an addiction to partying. Her behavior extended to flirting with Danny and paying obsessive amounts of attention to Will, and this strange behavior eventually culminated in her being kidnapped for the second time.

Natalie managed to survive the resulting battle that occurred when Laura led her friends to rescue them. After her liberation from the vampires, she apparently remained a student for the rest of the semester.

Natalie was briefly mentioned during the second semester of Silas University's school year, implying she was still active among the student population. It was said that she had joined the student groups that supported Lophiiformes.