No One Expects
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Season Zero, Episode 4
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Air date October 29th, 2015
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No One Expects is the fourth episode of Carmilla's Season Zero. It aired on October 29th, 2015.

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In her best Harry Potter impression, Perry attempts a spell to find the magical culprit behind the Redwing Migration.

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S0Ep4 1

Now would be a really good time to start talking, Raggedy Ann.

Immediately following the previous episode, Carmilla is seen mocking Perry, noting that her deduction of the supernatural events occurring around the campus was a little "too certain", implying that the latter is responsible for the events themselves, or at least knows what's behind the events. Perry protests, denying that she has any idea about the "chicken guy" or the "red-wing migration". Carmilla decides to torture Perry into confessing with thumb screws, with the video flashing into the present.
S0Ep4 6

Sometimes one forgets that their ex was borderline evil

In the present, Laura asks in disbelief if Carmilla actually went through with her threat, with the vampire stating that she did, wondering if Laura is still "deluding herself" in regards to Carmilla's morality. Laura admits that she isn't, but she does forget on occasion about how much Carmilla has changed since the events of their first meeting.

S0Ep4 8

Trying to play keepaway with a vampire?

She questions why Carmilla and Perry have never mentioned this incident, or admitted knowing each other prior to their encounter in Laura's dorm room. Carmilla tries to play it off as their mutual embarrassment of the event, however Laura doesn't buy her explanation. She teases Carmilla about her sullen attitude, in addition to declaring she will remove the treats from Carmilla's grasp if no explanation is forthcoming. Carmilla, with mild annoyance and amusement at her antics, tells Laura to "shut up and roll the tape".

S0Ep4 19

Wingardium Levio- Oh wait, wrong series

Continuing the tape, Carmilla, after being unable to locate the thumb screws instead opts to integrate Perry through more hands on means of torture. Perry breaks before Carmilla can do anything, and admits to knowing a why to determine who was using magic to cause the events on campus. Cutting to a short time later, the group is seen with candles and alder twigs. Perry tries to cast a spell which should reveal if anyone present was recently in contact with supernatural creatures. After several attempts, each one more boisterous than the last,
S0Ep4 23

The vampire isn't impressed

nothing happens.

Carmilla is unsurprised by the lack of results. Perry is disappointed and distressed that nothing happened. Carmilla points out she's a delusional optimist who's trying to deal with things out of her scoop, and that she wasn't as special as she believed herself to be. Perry, visibly hurt and affected by Carmilla's words, agrees with her.

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The Fonz - as known as Fonzie, is a fictional character played by Henry Winkler in the American sitcom Happy Days.



Carmilla Season Zero Episode 4 "No One Expects"

Carmilla Season Zero Episode 4 "No One Expects"