Nothing to See Here
Season Zero, Episode 12
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Air date November 24th, 2015
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Nothing To See Here is the 12th and final episode of Carmilla season zero. It aired November 24th, 2015.


Perry faces a choice: rule the universe with Tythia to the detriment of everyone else, or trap her back into the statue. After witnessing the truly horrendous hidden face of the universe, Perry clamps down on the weird and tells Carmilla None Of This Ever Happened. And so, we’ve found out “how Perry became such a pressed lemon…”



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  • It is revealed that Mel's becoming of a much stronger person is due to a spell cast by Tythia.
  • Tythia foreshadows Laura's arrival to Carmilla.
  • The events of what happens affects Perry to such an extreme extent that she refuses to believe in the supernatural anymore.
  • This is the first season in which Natasha Negovanlis & Annie Briggs appears in every episode.

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Carmilla Season Zero Episode 12 "Nothing To See Here"

Carmilla Season Zero Episode 12 "Nothing To See Here"