Pep Rally
Ep33 4
Season One, Episode 33
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Air date November 20th, 2014
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"Pep Rally" is the 33rd episode of Carmilla. It aired on November 20th, 2014.

Logline Edit

Laura decides it's a good idea to appeal to the student body at a school event and quickly learns a thing or two about the student body...and Carmilla. 


Ep33 3

Don't you have a sword to go get?

In preparation for stopping the ritual, Laura and the others tied up LaFontaine to keep her safe, while Perry is making stakes to arm them for battle. Carmilla, still keeping her secret, keeps denying getting the blade, citing she was unable to acquire it due to it being out of her reach. She convinces Laura that they need to stay where they are since they can't do anything else at the moment without support. Laura gets the idea to gather the help of the other students and before Carmilla can stop her, she runs off, giving Carmilla a kiss on the cheek.

Ep33 4

Yeah... that coulda gone better.

Later, Laura is back from her attempt at calling for aid, holding an icepack to her head. Carmilla is gone and thus Laura is only with Perry and LaFontaine. Her plan to rally the campus to her cause fell apart when Danny, still angry with her, threw a tomato at her face. The Zetas showed up and Laura learns Kirsch and Will haven't been seen the day they last came to her dorm. The Summers and Zetas accused Laura of abducting them and attacked her and each other, the fighting giving Laura the chance to escape, with the stage being burnt down in the chaos.

Ep33 6

Laura showing a defeated Carmilla the footage of her possession by the Dean.

While she's talking, her computer informs her that her video cache is full, prompting Laura to examine it. There, she sees the footage of The Dean utilizing her as an avatar to offer Carmilla the deal that resulted in Kirsch's abduction. Carmilla returns shortly afterwards, with Perry stopping her at bladepoint, with Laura playing the footage and demanding an explanation .
Ep33 7

We're done.

Carmilla tries to defend herself but Laura is too hurt about being used and lied to, and tells Carmilla to leave, which she does.



Laura: Your mom and her loopy demon light thingy aren't even gonna know what hit 'em.


Carmilla Episode 33 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 33 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella