Radio Letter
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Season Two, Episode 32
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Air date September 17th, 2015
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"Radio Letter" is the thirty-second episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on September 17th, 2015.

Logline Edit

Laura sees Carmilla out on the lawn and is afraid she's headed for the Anglerfish crater. As the siege continues, Laura broadcasts to Carm in hopes of bringing her back.

Synopsis Edit

Attracted to the sound of screaming, Danny and LaFontaine join Perry and Laura at the window, looking on as Carmilla tries to break through Vordenberg’s troops to get to the crater. The group infers that she’s trying to drink the godsblood of the Anglerfish, but before she can succeed, Vordenberg’s troops drive her back.

Laura knows that her ex-girlfriend will try again eventually and they won’t be able to stop her indefinitely. The group wonders about the ramifications of Carmilla consuming the blood, specifically pondering over who will she go after, Vordenberg for his reign of terror or Laura for getting Mattie killed. LaFontaine points out that Laura has been too busy pining over Carmilla to be much help during the siege, which snaps some sense into Laura, who gathers the strength to rally.

She starts another broadcast informing the campus of Vordenberg’s attempts to capture them, and his continuing detainment of any non-human students. She also points out that the tyrant has his men chopping down trees in the great forest in order to flush out Carmilla.

Laura's friends try to find something on Vordenberg, the Corvae Corporation, or the Seven Gates in the newspaper files and the Dean’s library, but come up empty in their search. They do however, find the minutes from the board meeting in 1904, and learn that The Dean put forward a motion to kill the Anglerfish, but was outvoted by the remainder of the board.

Laura is confused by this development, having had first-hand experience with the The Dean's actions in sacrificing girls to the demigod in the previous semester. Perry suggests that she was only doing it to keep the beast asleep, and LaFontaine suggests that if the Board and Dean were in conflict with one another, that could be the reason Mattie had contingency files on how to kill the members. With this realization Laura figures out that the file will have information on how to stop Vordenberg.


Quotes Edit

LaFontaine: How weird is it that we're back to wondering if Carmilla wants to save you or kill you again?

Laura: You're a genius.
LaFontaine: I agree, but why am I a genius today?

Episode Edit

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 32 "Radio Letter"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 32 "Radio Letter"