S. LaFontaine
LaF 3
Position Student
Age 19
Status Alive

Portrayed by Kaitlyn Alexander
First appeared in Freak OUT
Last appeared in Post Apocalypse

S. LaFontaine, birth name Susan LaFontaine, is a Biology major at Silas University. A non-binary person, they are often known as "LaF" by others.  


LaFontaine is non-binary and prefers their/they/them pronouns, something prominently discussed with their best friend Lola Perry. LaFontaine is the unofficial "truth speaker" of the group.


A dedicated individual to both science and their friends, LaFontaine takes considerable joy in performing scientific experiments of the biological kind and obsessed with sampling. LaFontaine displays great intelligence and technical and mystical aptitude, judging by their ability to transfer J.P. into the deceased body of Will Luce


Relationships Edit

Lola Perry Edit

LaFontaine and Perry are very close friends and are implied to be lovers, having been friends since they were five years old. Evidence of their closeness is shown many times, as they have fond memories of their interactions with one another and are often seen together. During Christmas, LaFontaine kisses Perry's cheek, displaying they may have a romantic relationship.

J.P. Armitage Edit

Following the end of the vampire sacrifices, Laura is under the impression LaFontaine and J.P. might be dating. Both of them are quite close to each other and display an affinity for working with one another throughout their time together.

Quotes Edit

"How many people you know take Type-O with their Chokoa Crunch?"[1]

"I don't want to be Susan anymore."[2]


"Well yeah, but we know she's a vampire. I mean, we've known that since the blood in the milk container, right? Vampire, vampire, vampire. Yeah?"[4]

"We tape our flame throwers to our pulse rifles and make the weird submit."[5]

Social Media Edit

Official Accounts Edit

LaFontaine Twitter (formerly run by Kaitlyn Alexander, now by the writers)

Original Novella Edit

The webseries' character is based on Mademoiselle De Lafontaine in LeFanu's original novella.

Mademoiselle De Lafontaine is Laura's finishing governess, which means she trained the teenage Laura in all the things a young lady of the time would be expected to know: etiquette, music, dancing and similar matters. Her father was German, and so she is "psychological, metaphysical, and something of a mystic."

Trivia Edit

  • Perry was the only one to refer to LaFontaine as Susan, their first name.

References Edit

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