Sarah Jane
Position Student at Silas University (formerly)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased

Portrayed by Breton Lalama
First appeared in Patterns
Last appeared in Best Laid Plans

Sarah Jane, SJ for short, was a student at Silas University.

Information Edit

Sarah Jane was attending the swim team's Under the Sea party downing Fizzy Dagon's, provided my the Alchemy Club, when she first went missing.

History Edit

Before her kidnapping, SJ was studying pre-med. During the Swim Team's Under the Sea party she was kidnapped by the vampire cult in plans to make her a sacrifice. She was infected with parasites which altered her personality. She became obsessed with partying. Carmilla Karnstein helped her escape, though she has no memory of what happened. She awoke in her dorm room. When Laura learned of her disappearance she asks to talk with her, along Natalie who was also kidnapped. Laura questions them about what happened but Natalie loses her composure during the interview and leaves. Sarah Jane goes after her to comfort her. Soon enough, the brain parasites take effect and she becomes a party girl. She meets Wilson Kirsch and starts dating him soon after.

Death Edit

SJ was attending the Peace Augsburg Luau with Kirsch. They were standing on the third floor balcony watching the bonfire when they realized Natalie was missing. Kirsch joined the group to go hunt for her, and being worried about SJ, locked her in a room. When Will returned to take her away, he was surprised to find the door locked. This caused Sarah Jane to fall out of the third story window thus killing her. Her death hits Kirsch pretty hard, who takes flowers to her grave.

Relationships Edit

Natalie Edit

Sarah and Natalie bonded due to their both being missing under mysterious circumstances for several days. Between the two, SJ is the one who is taking her kidnapping the easiest, and therefore helps to calm Natalie down when she becomes flustered or upset.

Kirsch Edit

Kirsch and Sarah Jane dated briefly before her death. She affectionately names him her 'boo'. He is kind to her and makes her hot chocolate, and takes her out to all the parties. Towards the end of their relationship, he shows some minor frustration with the relationship, as all she wants to do is party and listen to Top 40. Kirsch often takes pink flowers to her grave.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first character to be killed in the series, though off-screen.

Name Edit

The name Sarah Jane is reference to the Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith.

References Edit

  1. Carmilla the Series, episode 28: "Blame Enough For All"