The first season of Carmilla premiered on August 19th, 2014 on VervegirlTV's channel on YouTube. The first 6 episodes were released for the premier. The finale aired December 2nd, 2014. The first season consisted of 36 episodes in the main story arc and 4 branded extra content episodes.


Production CrewEdit

  • U by Kotex - Executive Producer/Sponsor
  • Jay Bennett - Executive Producer
  • Stephanie Ouaknine - Creator/Producer
  • Ted Biggs - Producer
  • Spencer Maybee - Director
  • Jordan Hall - Creator/Writer/Main Writer
  • Ellen Simpson - Creator/Writer/Social Media Writer


Title Original air date Logline
Disorientation August 19th, 2014 Laura Hollis is three weeks into her first semester at Silas University, and things have gotten off to a weird start. Goat sacrifices and a self-aware library catalog aren’t exactly what Laura was expecting for Freshman Orientation. Oh, and her roommate, Betty, mysteriously disappears after a party. A cryptic (and oddly moist) note leads Laura to believe that this isn’t just a case of one too many Jäegerbombs.
Missing August 19th, 2014 Laura’s roommate at Silas University has gone missing, the only clue being a cryptic (and fungus-infected) note. Determined to find Betty, Laura summons her inner Veronica Mars and starts her own investigation. She talks to last night’s partiers who can’t seem to remember seeing her, and calls the office of student affairs, who are even less helpful, not to mention pretty rude. Not at all complicating things, a mysterious girl, Carmilla, bursts through the door, throws down her bag, and introduces herself as Laura’s new roommate.
The Roommate August 19th, 2014 Laura deals with her new "roommate", Carmilla, and documents the "Incursion of Room 307."
Freak OUT August 19th, 2014 Laura meets her "official" and "unofficial" Floor-Dons, Perry and LaFontaine, when she tries to deal Carmilla's reign of terror. And deal, ya know, with #BloodMilkGate2014.
Patterns August 19th, 2014 Laura broadens her investigation into the disappearance of her roommate Betty and questions to other co-eds that disappeared...and came back. It's weird.
Why Bother? August 19th, 2014 Laura seems to be on to something when she uploads her videos to the Silas University network and finds out the hard way that some things are better left unsaid.
Town Hall August 21st, 2014 Laura experiences the aftermath of the dreaded Town Hall meeting and enlists a new ~friend to help her investigate the mysterious disappearances around Silas University.
Pitsa i Thanato August 26th, 2014 Laura gets stuck between and rock and a hard place when the "Bros" of Zeta Omega Mu barge in to protect the "hotties" and Carmilla shows her disdain in a rather aggressive way.
Nancy Drew August 28th, 2014 Laura teams up with ~her TA~ Danny to continue her investigation into the disappearing girls and notices something very strange about someone we have met before.
The Real Betty September 2nd, 2014 Laura starts to put the pieces together and reaches a breakthrough in her investigation of the missing girls.
A Visit From The Dean September 4th, 2014 Laura starts to understand Carmilla, albeit briefly, before Danny arrives to continue the investigation.
Evidence Setpember 9th, 2014 Laura brings us up to date with her investigation and receives some uninvited guests before delving deeper into her suspicions surrounding Carmilla.
I, Spy September 11th, 2014 Laura is a bit taken aback when Carmilla appears and shows a level of compassion she hasn't expressed before.
Research Trip Setpember 16th, 2014 Laura and LaFontaine get the "bright idea" to head to the Library to do some research...THE LIBRARY!?
My Roommate, The Vampire September 18th, 2014 Laura is a little miffed about being the last to figure out that Carmilla is a vampire (derp) and LaFontaine lays out a less-than-ideal plan to the group.
Best Laid Plans September 23rd, 2014 Laura and her crew discuss the merits of the "bait" plan when some guests show up and give Laura a "brilliant" idea.
It's A Trap September 25th, 2014 Laura is dressed to the nines and performing her role as "Vampire Bait" very well when Danny bursts in to save her...and then something awful happens.
While You Weren't Watching September 30th, 2014 Laura and the gang do their best to figure out what the heck is going on and get an unexpected bit of info from Carmilla. Also: Sarah-Jane unfortunately fell. And died.
Advanced Interrogation Techniques October 2nd, 2014 Laura and the gang continue to scratch their heads and figure out how to get info out of Carmilla when Perry inadvertently gives Laura a brilliant, albeit cruel, idea.
Sock Puppets and European History October 7th, 2014 Laura's got Carmilla right where she wants her: tied up and ready to spill the beans but no good story would be complete without a puppet show...right?
Strategic Planning October 9th, 2014 Laura and the ladies go back and forth on what to do with Carmilla and in the dark of night a surprise visitor shakes up the status quo.
Afterbite October 14th, 2014 Laura tries to talk herself down after being bitten when Carmilla comes back from wherever the heck she ran off to and reveals some important info.
We Need To Talk About Carmilla October 16th, 2014 Laura deals with failing her first test ever and is caught between a rock and a hard place explaining Carmilla's freedom to LaFontaine.
Breaking Up (With An Amazon) Is Hard to Do October 21st, 2014 Laura finds out what Danny + Stake + Carmilla equals and has to defend her emotional and social independence when Danny puts her in an awkward position.
Basic Parasitology October 23rd, 2014 Laura and Carmilla are telling the harrowing story of the uber-fungus fiasco when Perry and LaFontaine pop by with some new information which Perry isn't processing too well.
The Standard Issue October 28th, 2014 Laura suggests LaFontaine stay and hang out to decompress from a confrontation between her and Perry when they hatch a plan to dig deeper into the mystery by heading to the one place they shouldn't go.
Required Reading October 30th, 2014 Laura and LaFontaine are back from the Library and have brought along an "old" friend to help them in their quest to uncover the mystery of Silas U.
Blame Enough For All November 4th, 2014 Laura, Perry and Carmilla try and figure out what is going on after discovering LaFontaine is missing and then remember that they have to inform Kirsch about his vampiric bro.
PTSD & Brownies November 6th, 2014 Laura is surprised by Perry in the wee hours of the morning with a plate of brownies and seemingly nothing to do.
Monsters, Lies & Videotapes November 11th, 2014 Laura, Carmilla, Perry and the newly-returned LaFontaine try to piece together what happened to LaFontaine since she has been gone when an unexpected audio recording sheds some light on the situation.
Of Hearts And Holy Hand Grenades November 13th, 2014 Laura tries to get her life together as Carmilla and J.P. hit the books to look for a weapon powerful enough to take on the evil that lurks at Silas.
Mommy Dearest November 18th, 2014 Laura hasn't really been herself lately since, ya know, being possessed by the Dean and Carmilla is the only one equipped to deal with it.
Pep Rally November 20th, 2014 Laura decides it's a good idea to appeal to the student body at a school event and quickly learns a thing or two about the student body...and Carmilla.
Do Not Go Into The Light November 25th, 2014 Laura is having a crisis of conscience as she thinks on the consequences of her actions when LaF inadvertently sparks an important insight into the mystery.
Heroic Vampire Bull**** November 27th, 2014 Laura and the gang decompress from the traumatic events that just unfolded and we learn much and more about the heroics of the people that surround and love Laura.
Life Goes On December 2nd, 2014 Laura turns the camera on one last time to share how she feels about the events that just unfolded at Silas...and talk about what she's lost.