Sherman Hollis
Laura and Papa Hollis 2
Laura and Sherman
Position Laura's Father
Age Unknown
Status Alive

Portrayed by Enrico Colantoni
First appeared in All the Rage
Last appeared in Coping Strategies

Sherman Hollis is Laura Hollis' father. He has been mentioned repeatedly by his daughter, although he did not make a physical appearance until Season Three. 

Information Edit

Relationships Edit

Laura Hollis Edit

Sherman Hollis, while supportive of this daughter also has the tendency to be extremely overprotective of her. His efforts to protect her range from enrolling her Krav Magra lessons to giving her "day of the week" bear spray.

Carmilla KarnsteinEdit

Sherman is initially distrusting of Carmilla when they meet. Having only known about her from watching some of Laura's videos he doesn't believe she has Laura's best interest at heart. Especially because he witnessed her biting Laura in one of the videos. However, they start to foster a fellowship over their shared desire to keep Laura safe. His opinion of Carmilla open up enough that he shares fond memories and pictures of Laura with her.

Trivia Edit

  • Among other roles Enrico Colantoni has portrayed, one of his most notable was as Keith Mars, father of Veronica Mars.
    • Veronica Mars and Laura have a lot in common, both being young inquisitive, headstrong, women with a knack for looking into mysteries and getting into trouble. Several references to Veronica Mars have been made in Carmilla, some by Laura herself.