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The Christmas Special 8
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Air date Decemder 24th, 2014
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'"The Gingerbread Affair" is the Christmas Special of Carmilla. It aired on December 24th, 2014. The events of this episode take place after the end of Season One and sometime before Season Two.


When Laura and the gang find themselves fleeing from Silas, an old dusty diner seems like the perfect place to seek refuge. But Christmas cheer may not be enough to overcome the dangers lurking in picturesque Styria.


The Christmas Special 1

Someone... *looks at Carmilla* tried to bite their mayor.

Following the rise of Lophiiformes, Laura, Carmilla, LaFontaine and Perry fled Silas, heading into the mountains and through the woods, the details of which were written about in their respective twitter accounts. Laura, using another camera in place of her usual webcam, recounts that after much time in the woods, they arrived in a small town. Intending to reside there for the time being, they were forced to take shelter in a diner due to Carmilla attempting to bite the mayor, sending a mob after them.

The Christmas Special 4

We'll make our own Christmas.

For an unexplained reason, the mob is hesitant to approach the diner, so the group decides to stay there. Laura is very upset about the possibility of being stuck in the diner for Christmas instead of spending the holidays with her dad and despite her best efforts, Carmilla can't cheer her up. While they talk about this, Perry and LaFontaine look through the diner for something to eat, eventually finding some cakes.

The Christmas Special 5

Were those here before?

Suddenly Laura's camera feed flickers and cider appears in front of her and Carmilla. A few moments later, the technical issue happens again and a plate of gingerbread cookies appear in front of LaFontaine and Perry. All four are subsequently startled by the sudden appearance of "Mama Klaus", a seemingly kind woman who owns the diner. The very presence of "Mama Klaus" causes the shutdown of Laura's webcam and initiates the first use of multi-camera angles in the series. The apparent owner of the building offers to make them something to eat, correctly "guessing" everyone's favorite holiday treats, making such an example by guessing that Laura's favorite holiday snack is gingerbread, the words of which cause a plate of gingerbread to appear in front of her.

The Christmas Special 20

Uh... guys... how many of these have you eaten?

Carmilla is skeptical of the woman and tries convince Laura of this, but the woman in question is enjoying the sudden upswing in Christmas spirit and does not notice the strange happenings, leading to the two of them fighting. This goes on until Laura realizes she, Perry and LaFontaine can't stop eating the gingerbread, deducing that something is off.

The Christmas Special 23

Armed with brooms and a rolling pin, LaF and Perry are ready to fight.

"Mama Klaus" appears behind Laura and starts moving towards her, prompting Laura to back away slowly, while Perry and LaFontaine run to the closet and arm themselves with brooms and a rolling pin. After tripping over a dismembered foot from a prior victim of "Mama Klaus", Laura calls for Carmilla's help. The vampire eventually does come to her aid, after some bickering and not before taunting Laura for her previous statement about the holidays not being a time for violence. A moment later, Carmilla, in her animal form, kills "Mama Klaus" and devours her.
The Christmas Special 32

Happy Holidays!

Laura notes sometime afterwards that they are now safe, as the mob that was outside the diner got scared off by Carmilla killing the owner in a rather visible manner. The group gathers around to celebrate the holidays, while Laura and Carmilla apologize to each other and share a gingerbread cookie.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Bobbsey Twins - The principal characters of a series of children's novels.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to use a multi-camera setup.
  • LaFontaine wears a hat for the entirety of this episode, as Kaitlyn Alexander cut their hair between the filming of Season One and this special.


Laura: When we finally hiked to the nearest town and tried to explain our situation someone... (looks at Carmilla) tried to bite their mayor. So they formed a mob.
Perry: With torches.
LaFontaine: And pitch forks.
Laura: And chased us here. Happy holidays.

Laura: It's Christmas. You don't murder people for Christmas.
Carmilla: A holiday where you can't kill people is a stupid hoilday.

Laura: Evil Christmas lady trying to eat me here.
Carmilla: You know, with all my inappropriate mayor biting and talk about murdering people for Christmas-
Laura: Murder her for Christmas! Murder her for Christmas!


Carmilla The Christmas Special

Carmilla The Christmas Special