The Great Debate Prep
S2Ep17 7
Season Two, Episode 17
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Air date July 29th, 2015
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"The Great Debate Prep" is the seventeenth episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on July 29th, 2015.


When JP informs everyone that the Board intends to sell 15% of the Silas Students' Bodies, the gang comes up with a plan for Vordenberg to battle Mattie in a verbal debate to unseat her from the Board Chair position.


S2Ep17 3

And Here We Go Again...

With this new information, Laura and the others attempt to find an oversight that can give them what they need to stop Mattie from taking the student's bodies, but unfortunately, the Charter keeps them from doing so. Laura suggests a mass evacuation, but LaFontaine points out that the last time they attempted fleeing the campus they ended up stranded in the mountains. Laura instead suggests they stage another protest, but remembers that after the last protest's results, she would not have the ability to rally support from the students.

S2Ep17 5

Vordenberg: Master story-teller or nutty old bat? Viewers decide!

J.P. then mentions a part of the Silas Charter that gives them the ability to remove the Chair, either by way of a unanimous vote, or through defeating the Chair holder in conflict. The others know that they do not have the weapons or physical strength to stand against Mattie in combat, nor do they have the political support to defeat her in a vote. J.P. then points out that it has to be conflict, not combat, meaning that a verbal debate would give them what they need to defeat Mattie. He nominates Vordenberg as their champion, with the latter agreeing to the notion. Vordenberg immediately makes everyone doubt their decision by going off on a tangent, recounting another one of his stories, forcing Laura to cut him off, pointing out they need to prepare.

S2Ep17 10

Holding onto patience, wearing thin.

A montage of various shots display Laura and Danny attempting, with varying degrees of success, to get Vordenberg ready for the debate. Sometime later, after Vordenberg's training has been put on hold, Laura says they need more information on the budget cuts, tasking Perry to find anything in the newspaper files. Vordenberg starts talking about something, but Danny, not excited by the prospect of another story from him, suggests they take a break.

S2Ep17 12

This time we're not giving up!

Vordenberg leaves the room, and in his absence, Danny and Laura sulk in despair due to their lack of progress with the man, and a lack of information and support means their chances of success are very low. Carmilla sarcastically applauds them from her place on the couch, before getting up and taunting them over their actions. Laura almost falls for the taunt, but Danny stops her from doing anything too rash.

S2Ep17 16

Let's do this!

Just as they are about to get Vordenberg and resume their training for the debate, Perry rushes into the room. Noting the prior trend of Perry rushing into the room, Laura wonders if she was hurt or attacked again, but she assures the duo that she’s okay. She reveals that while looking through the files, she found something of use, presenting it to them. Laura and Danny both look excited when they see what she found, and are now confident of their victory.


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Carmilla Season 2 Episode 17 "The Great Debate Prep"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 17 "The Great Debate Prep"