The Library as it appears in season 3

The Library is the main student research centre at Silas University. It is very dangerous after dark and is evacuated by students at sunset. In the second season, it becomes a minor on-screen setting seen in two episodes.

Phenomena experienced in the library after dark include aggressive animated books and papers, an unseen skittering presence in the stacks and the library's computer screens urging students to "run, run now".

The libary 1

The Library as it appears in season 2

The Library is revealed to actually have a supernatural consciousness and has the ability to disappear at will. When Mattie had the Corvae taking books from the collection to sell, the Library vanished itself. Eventually, it was discovered by Carmilla while hiding from Vordenberg’s attack force. While she was taking refuge in it, Laura contacts her and she speaks to her from there. Eventually, Carmilla was able to escape from the Library but was captured by Vordenberg's forces. After Vordenberg's death and the attack by Corvue, Carmilla was able to get Laura and LaFontaine to the Library where they have taken sanctuary.