The Missing... Link
S0Ep5 9
Season Zero, Episode 5
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Air date November 3rd, 2015
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No One Expects Suspicious Minds

The Missing... Link is the 5th episode of Carmilla season zero. It aired on November 3rd, 2015.


Carmilla interrogates all suspects in this Silas edition of Clue Meets Period Mystery.

Synopsis Edit

Carmilla interviews everybody, in which she finds Perry the more mysterious as she has not said anything. Eventually Perry admits that she was going to the party with her friend 'Susan' but was cancelled on due to an experiment gone wrong. Eventually much to Mel's chagrin, Perry begins to suspect how everything seemed to start with the Zetas.

Back in the present, Laura is put down as she admits that maybe Carmilla was right about watching the videos being a waste of time. She then mentions how everyone is different to how they were when she met them. She then mentions how Kirsch would give them drinks when they were in full research mode even though it was to impress someone else. She then mentions how she has no idea what happened to Kirsch and that they should go, but Carmilla convinces her to stay and to continue to watch the videos.



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Carmilla Season Zero Episode 5 "The Missing… Link"

Carmilla Season Zero Episode 5 "The Missing… Link"