Town Hall
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Season One, Episode 7
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Air date August 21th, 2014
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"Town Hall" is the seventh episode of Carmilla. It aired on August 21th, 2014.


Laura experiences the aftermath of the dreaded Town Hall meeting and enlists a new ~friend to help her investigate the mysterious disappearances around Silas University. 


Ep7 1

A girl's gotta manufacture her own excitement sometimes, ya know?

A disheveled Laura apologizes for her absence, stating that the meeting was called due to her actions in uploading videos to the Silas Ethernet. Her recounting is cut off when Danny steps out of the bathroom and notices her recording another video, congratulating her on being brave enough to continue posting in light of the recent meeting.

Ep7 3

The height difference.

Laura properly introduces Danny to her audience, informing them that the woman in question is her English Literature TA, in addition to being the Vice President of Outdoor Recreation for the Summer Society. Laura details the exact actions of the meeting at town hall, specifically, The Dean claimed the accusations of missing women to be mere rumors, but Danny's testimony showed they weren't, as one of the sorority members went missing.
Ep7 6

Laura's impressions are spot on

The Zeta Omega Mu fraternity proposed creating a safety patrol, where they would protect the female students against further abductions, while the Summer Society proposed the alternate solution of them reinstating their night marches. The Alchemy Club refuted the solutions in hand, as it would disrupt 'mycological transitions', causing the debate to devolve into a riot, with the Zetas chanting a slogan, someone else throwing fish at people, and an exasperated Dean just ending the meeting altogether.

Ep7 5

I'm your designated Zeta Omega Mu safety companion.

Laura, is disappointed the meeting was no help in solving the quandary about the missing girls, although she does express happiness that she ran into Danny. Danny offers her assistance in finding the missing girls, to which Laura accepts. Danny leaves in order to get her notes regarding the missing member of her sorority, and while she's gone, Will and Kirsch enter the room.


Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first physical appearances of Danny Lawrence, Wilson Kirsch and Will Luce.


Danny: Hey, are you making another video? Like, eight hot seconds after almost being busted?
Laura: Uh, yes.
Danny: That's pretty ballsy Hollis.
Laura: Yeah, ballsy, that's me.

Danny: Hi, Laura's audience. It's nice to be here.
Laura: Well, I wouldn't say that I have an audience yet. But it is nice to have you. Here. Have you here.

Laura: The Zetas piped in with a chant pretty much sounded like 'pizza or death!'
Danny: Yeah, and then some idiot started throwing salted herring into the crowd.


Carmilla Episode 7 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 7 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella