The narrative format of Carmilla employes multiplatform storytelling. Throught the use of social media sites, the story is expanded beyond that which is seen on the screen. Both Carmilla and Laura have tumblr and twitter profiles. LaFontaine also has a twitter, as does Silas University.

Season one's storyline was supplemented by Silas Confidential, a Wattpad story told from the point of view of Mary Ringwold. Mary is a student of Silas who resides in the same dorm as Carmilla and Laura.

Season two's adds the Voice of Silas, a student newspaper, operating via tumblr to the list of transmedia. Voice of Silas, unlike Silas COnfidential ties in more closely to the plotline of it's season. As the murder of the students who ran the paper is the overreaching story arc for season two. As of season 2 Laura hacks and takes over Silas University's twitter.

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