It's here and it's queer. The first 17 episodes of the final season of Carmilla dropped and they have set the story in motion sending it forward with full speed. If you somehow haven't seen all the episodes as yet go give them a watch . If you have seen them share what your favourite moments here. Say a little on why you like them. Say a lot on why you like them. And after you've mentioned the kisses tell us what else you liked. Even if it wasn't a favourite moment you can share those too. What didn't you like? Why didn't you like it?

They don't even have to be from the episodes. Did a particular exchange on Twitter or Tumblr catch your eye? Or did you check out Mel's podcast and love those?

Any moments that made you laugh out loud?

Any that made you cry?

Any that made you jump in joy, or surprise, or shock and run around the house?

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