We need to Talk About Carmilla
Ep23 4
Season One, Episode 23
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Air date October 16th, 2014
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"We Need to Talk about Carmilla" is the 23rd episode of Carmilla. It aired on October 16th, 2014.


Laura deals with failing her first test ever and is caught between a rock and a hard place explaining Carmilla's freedom to LaFontaine.


Ep23 2

If I was your TA you wouldn't even have to ask...

Sometime following her midterm, Laura records another video, expressing the sentiment that she is certain she failed her exam. Carmilla comes in and questions her attitude, with Laura admitting she likely failed her test. Carmilla points out she could just simply ask Danny to give her a passing grade, but Laura turns down the idea, citing it as unethical. Carmilla shifts the subject to the charm bracelet Laura had been given earlier, wondering where it is.

Ep23 3

What a good hiding place.

Laura retrieves the charm from under Carmilla's mattress, giving it back to her. Carmilla explains the charm will make Laura feel "off" to any vampire that tries to touch her, essentially rendering her useless to their agenda. Laura asks if she's heard anything from The Dean, but her mother hasn't contacted her as of yet. Shortly thereafter, Perry and LaFontaine walk into the room and promptly have a meltdown upon seeing Carmilla free.

Ep23 5

Uhm, at what point in the last century did people give up on knocking?

Perry runs for help before Laura can stop her and explain, while LaFontaine is in disbelief that Laura would let her go. Laura attempts to explain that Carmilla is friendly to their cause, but LaFontaine is nowhere near convinced, fairly certain that Laura has been possessed. Laura proves her lack of mind control by starting an argument with Carmilla, both taking their normal reactions.

Ep23 6

You said that's not how it works, so how does it work? What happens to the girls you take?

LaFontaine asks Carmilla about the girls the vampires abduct. Carmilla admits she doesn't know the specifics, but she does know that they become addicted to partying, and that their blood becomes undrinkable afterwards. LaFontaine begins to theorize that a change occurs below the skin, causing the blood chemistry of the victim to change, in addition to a mentality change. Laura points out that Carmilla is indeed assisting them and with the new information, they're closer to finding Betty and the other missing girls.

Ep23 7

You, me, right now.

Carmilla states to Laura once more that The Dean cannot be stopped, but Laura argues that Carmilla has been able to save would be victims before. Carmilla retorts that she was only harassing The Dean by way of driving off potential victims and that a direct confrontation would only end in their defeat. Laura points out that Carmilla has the strength needed to bring down The Dean, while Carmilla states that Laura has a better chance of slaying her than The Dean. A moment later, Perry and Danny run into the room, with the latter pulling a stake out and attacking Carmilla.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Antediluvian - belonging to the time before the biblical flood.


*Perry and LaF walk into the room*
Carmilla: Um, at what point in the last century did people give up on knocking?

LaFontaine: Wait, you've been taking girls for how many hundreds of years and you don't even know what happens to them?
Carmilla: (Sarcastically) Um, gee Mom, feel like telling me the secrets of your antediluvian vampire cult today? Oh, what's that? No? Okay, and you'll use my head as a doorstop if I continue asking questions.
(Laura giggles quietly in the background)


Carmilla Episode 23 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 23 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella