Wild Kingdom
S2Ep23 3
Season Two, Episode 23
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Air date August 18th, 2015
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"Wild Kingdom" is the twenty-third episode of Carmilla's second season. It aired on August 18th, 2015.


Carmilla, Mattie, JP, Laura and Danny adjust to their new normal under Vordie's rule - until LaF bursts in with some disquieting news.


S2Ep23 2

The way of the Vampire, observe we shall.

Laura begins this particular video by explaining what life is like with three vampires to conceal. Putting the experience in the context of a nature documentary, she showcases their lifestyles. Apparently, due to J.P., Mattie and Carmilla being in hiding, the attacks have ceased and caused classes to come back.

S2Ep23 5

Vampire-Senses, tingling they are...

As she's speaking to the camera, there are knocks from below. Laura knocks bac and tells the vampires hidden beneath the floorboards that the patrols for the day aren't over just yet. She goes on to mention that her classes, now with Vordenberg approved professors and curriculum, already have started having midterms.

S2Ep23 8

Patience, for the Jedi it is time to eat as well.

Danny, carrying a box comes in, seeming a bit nervous for an unexplained reason, prompting Laura to ask if this a patrol. She says it isn't, but seems uncertain about being there regardless. Danny is about to leave, but Laura sees the box she's carrying, notes the contents of the box are apples, and in an excited manner, takes one. She explains that with the earthquakes and general chaos going on, fresh food has been difficult to come by.

S2Ep23 9

To post videos, eat we must. Even if sweets it is not.

When Laura asks about the nature of her visit, Danny admits she came by because she doesn't know where else to go. The Summers still hate her for cancelling the Adonis Festival to save Kirsch's life, and she doesn't want to spend time with the Zetas because she's afraid of hurting his feelings.

S2Ep23 11

Adorable Hollence moment, this is, hmm?

She notices Laura's book on siege tactics and asks about it, with both joking about the new professors Vordenberg has brought onto the staff. Danny reveals that the mountain villagers he's gotten to help secure the campus are venomously against anything supernatural, especially vampires. They also have an unhealthy affinity for torches and pitchforks, implying they may be the same villagers Laura faced off with during the holidays.

S2Ep23 13

Room for LaFontaine, make we shall.

Danny mentions that they gathered up most of the Alchemy Club members, and admits that she's starting to see that things may not be getting better like she initially thought they would. Their conversation is interrupted by knocking from below, prompting Danny to ask how it's been like living with them. Laura admits it isn't easy, but she's managing to get by regardless.

When Danny seems worried about the threat they pose, Laura assures her that she has a way to protect herself. LaFontaine rushes in and reveals that the patrols are dragging the Anglerfish protesters away from the crater, and the loss of proximity seems to be killing them.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Flowers in the Attic


Danny: Why are you studying catapult mechanics?
Laura: Ah- apparently the trebuchet has more serious implications for modern thought than Hegel.


Carmilla Season 2 Episode 23 "Wild Kingdom"

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 23 "Wild Kingdom"