Will Luce
Will 2
Position Student at Silas University
Age 21
Status Body as another

Portrayed by Aaron Chartrand
First appeared in As Himself: Town Hall
Last appeared in As himself: Strategic Planning

Will Luce was a student at Silas University. He was a vampire, and brother of Carmilla Karnstein (in the sense that they were both made Vampire by the same woman). He was part of the Zeta Omega Mu fraternity. He was eventually staked by Lola Perry which ended his immortal life. A few months later after J.P. was in danger of disappearing, LaFontaine transferred J.P. into Will's body.

Personality Edit

Will had a very reserved, yet strong personality and came across as creepy. He was referred to as "Mommy's boy" as he would do anything and everything the Dean asked of him.

History Edit

Will was turned into a vampire by the Dean, he became devoted to her, doing everything for her. His relationship with Carmilla was more strained. Mostly because Carmilla hated her mother. Will later joined the Zetas and became good friends with Kirsch.

Will was one of the main vampires who kidnapped the students for the sacrifice. He was also the main reason why Carmilla was taken hostage by Laura and her friends. Later he released her and tried to take Laura, but Carmilla stoped him. Will went back to his mother to inform her about what Carmilla did.

He later returned with Kirsch, after his mother had taken possession of Laura's body. He then took Kirsch to be a sacrifice. Later during the sacrifice, Will was surprised when Laura and Perry attacked them. Will was staked and died.

His body was left in the catacombs, where LaFontaine stumbled onto his body. They took his body and transferred the conscious of J.P. Armitage into his body. Carmilla questioned him, if any of Will was still in the body but he stated that nothing of Will is left beside the body.

Relationships Edit

Carmilla Karnstein Edit

Will was Carmilla's 'death brother' and referred to her by the nickname 'Kitty'. Carmilla seemed to not hate him as she did the Dean when she said that Will was not her nemesis.

Laura Hollis Edit

These two did not have much interaction until episode 21, when Will came to free Carmilla from being tied up in the chair and Laura mistook this as him coming to visit her. She warned him of Carmilla being a vampire, and he acted surprised, then laughed it off and said "I know, she's kinda not the only one." He attacked Laura, and she defended herself, but he overpowered her.

Kirsch Edit

Will was Kirsch's best friend, and they were both Zetas. Kirsch originally did not believe that Will was a vampire when Laura confronted him about it, but when he accepted the fact, he reassured himself by saying "he's a Zeta first." He was then tricked by Will and the Dean to Laura's dorm room, and was strangled by Will and taken in Laura's place to the sacrifice.